Why is Sansa a bad character?

Why is Sansa a bad character?

We don’t get to see them interact at all before they leave King’s Landing on their separate journeys. However, when they reunite at Castle Black, Sansa admits to treating him terribly. Though we never saw this behavior in the show, it’s not too surprising given the kind of person Sansa was as a young child.

Is Sansa Stark a good character?

Sansa Stark really took home a medal in every category of the Game of Thrones suffering Olympics, but she really stands out among many of the other characters in that she remained a nice and friendly person despite the fact that nearly everyone she met was cruel to her.

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Is Sansa Stark bad?

Sansa is probably the kindest and one of the most misunderstood characters in this show. She has never been evil. It was evil that was done to her all through her life.

Is Sansa Stark selfish?

Sansa wanted stark monarchy in the north, she did not want democracy ( she laughed at sam for suggesting democracy ). She was selfish for her family, but who is really left in that family in truth. So she was selfish for her self.

Is Sansa a hated character?

She is one of the most hated characters of GoT but at the same time as a cult following. She is one of the most hated characters of GoT but at the same time as a cult following.

Who is Sansa based on?

Using the Wars of the Roses and the Tudor family tree as a reference point I think I’ve found what the final endgame will be for Season 8. Looking through this lens I there is sufficient evidence that Sansa is a retelling of Elizabeth I of England. Her early life and ascension to the throne.

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What personality type is Arya Stark?

Arya Stark is a classic example of an ISTP: she’s logical and rational but can also be spontaneous and unpredictable.

Who is Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones?

Sansa Stark is a Game of Thrones fan favorite who has a huge character arc. She goes from naive girl to brave woman, but does some awful things too. Sansa Stark is one of the characters on Game of Thrones who went through the biggest changes throughout the series.

Is Brienne an enemy of Sansa Stark?

Brienne of Tarth was tasked with ensuring the safety of Catelyn Stark’s daughters and even after Catelyn’s death, she was determined to follow through. However, when Brienne first tracks Sansa down, Sansa lets Littlefinger convince her Brienne is an enemy — and refuses her services.

Why do Arya and Sansa hate each other?

Sisters fight, that’s just how life goes. However, Sansa always seemed to be a little harsher to Arya than was necessary. This caused a significant amount of distrust among the two which came back to haunt them years later. Sansa didn’t trust Arya when she returned to Winterfell and the two had some disagreements.

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Why didn’t Sansa warn Jon about Littlefinger’s plans?

However, in the long-term this decision had many consequences. For starters, Sansa didn’t even warn Jon of the impending allies. Not only this, but Littlefinger is one of the best manipulators in the business. He quickly went to work dividing the family and claiming power for himself.