Why does my motorcycle smoke when I start it?

Why does my motorcycle smoke when I start it?

The most common reason behind white smoke is burning coolant in the combustion chamber. The coolant shouldn’t enter the chamber, but this may occur with a crack in the cylinder, or the head gasket is damaged or blown. Those things can happen after a crash, but they can also be a consequence of normal wear and tear.

Why does white smoke come out of my exhaust when I start it?

If your exhaust system is producing a thick, white smoke – you may have a problem. Many times, this thick smoke is due to the likes of a blown head gasket, damaged cylinder, or a cracked engine block, which is causing coolant to burn.

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Why does my bike smoke when I start it in the morning?

When the piston rings wear out due to friction the lubricant oil mixes with the air-fuel mix in the combustion chamber causing poor combustion and in turn giving out white fumes from the exhaust of the vehicle. Likely it’s oil getting past the rings, or the valve guides… and burning to smoke in the hot pipe.

What does white smoke from a motorcycle mean?

White smoke means coolant is finding its way into the combustion chamber, which can cause overheating. If your bike has been running hotter than usual or running with the radiator fans on all of the time, check your coolant level. If your oil looks like a latte, then you have a coolant leak.

Can too much fuel cause white smoke?

White smoke often occurs when there is either too much fuel being injected into the combustion chamber, or not enough heat to burn the fuel. Other causes of white smoke include lack of compression, or water/coolant entering the combustion chamber.

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Does white smoke always mean blown head gasket?

The most common sign of a blown head gasket is exhaust smoke. White smoke indicates that your car is burning coolant that is leaking into the cylinders. This test analyzes the fumes from the coolant in the radiator to determine whether hydrocarbons are present, as this is often a sign of a head gasket failure.

What does white smoke coming out of the exhaust mean?

White smoke when startup – White smoke coming out of the exhaust engine can signal a serious problem with the vehicle except the 2-stroke engine. This is because the two stroke engine have back up oil which normally enters the fuel chamber to lubricate the piston.

What causes white smoke from a 4 stroke engine?

While on the 4 stroke engine, this certainly should not happen because the piston lubrication process is done from the bottom. Whether on a motorcycle or a car, these white smoke symptoms are equally caused by the presence of oil in the combustion chamber.

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Why is there smoke coming out of my motorcycle?

If you have smoke coming from somewhere else on your motorcycle that’s not from exhaust or the engine, you could have wires burning. This is the most dangerous type of smoke because it can ultimately start an electrical fire.

What does blue smoke coming out of my engine mean?

If you notice blue smoke during acceleration or on deceleration, check your engine oil level. If it is low, then you need to replace your piston rings and inspect the cylinder walls for any damage or blemishes. White smoke means coolant is finding its way into the combustion chamber, which can cause overheating.