Why do we have to shake the thermometer after use?

Why do we have to shake the thermometer after use?

It takes big forces to push the mercury quickly through such a capillary. Shaking the thermometer hard is what gets the mercury down and ultimately drives it through the constriction so that it rejoins into a single column. In effect, you are making the glass accelerate so fast that it leaves the mercury behind.

Why do we need to shake the clinical thermometer before use?

There is a small bend in the mercury channel of a clinical thermometer that uses mercury. You must shake the thermometer to get the mercury from a previous reading from the thermometer back into the bulb (or at least to a low temperature number) so that a new reading can be taken.

Do thermometers need to be shaken down?

d. (1) If the thermometer reading is below 94ºF (34.4º C), you have shaken down the thermometer sufficiently. (2) If the thermometer reads 94º F (34.4º C) or above, continue to shake down the thermometer until a desired reading is shown.

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Why shaking the clinical thermometer before and after taking temperature?

The shaking is to reduce the level of the medium in the thermometer to a temperature well below normal so that an an accurate temperature can be read after using.

Do mercury thermometers lose accuracy?

Mercury thermometers cannot be adjusted after calibration. The actual temperature must be calculated by applying corrections to the measured temperature. A digital thermometer does the math for you—the displayed temperature accurately represents the actual measured temperature.

Why do you have to shake down a mercury thermometer?

This is about the non-digital, analog thermometers used to see if you have a fever. Before you can use an oral thermometer, you have to shake it to get the liquid inside it to go down.

Why does one need to shake the thermometer and bring down the mercury level in a clinical thermometer?

How do you trick a mercury thermometer?

Shaking a mercury thermometer while holding the tip can make the temperature higher….Eat or drink something warm before having your temp taken by mouth.

  1. You could even save some of the warm liquid under your tongue to stick the thermometer in during the reading.
  2. Don’t make the drink so hot that you burn your mouth.
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Why does the mercury not fall or rise in a clinical thermometer when taken out of the mouth?

The mercury does not fall or rise in a clinical thermometer when taken out of the mouth because of the presence of kink. It prevents mercury level from falling on its own.