Why do people in India stare so much?

Why do people in India stare so much?

For a lot of people in India, experiencing a new culture, skin colour, accent, way of dressing, eating habits, or a lifestyle; creates a sense of curiosity, and results in uninvited Indians staring.

Why do people stare at me all the time?

Then you’ll realize others are gawking at you, which will make you self-conscious, which generates even more anxiety, so you look even more terrified, and the whole thing spirals. In my experience, this is the most common reason why people stare at you. It is fundamentally an anxiety-related issue.

Is India the capital of staring?

Even through a prevalent practice, it will not be fair to tag India as the capital of staring, and to generalise that the stares are only limited to foreign tourists who are visibly different in every facet than the local crowd, even locals are stared at. Unlike western countries, staring is not considered rude in India.

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What do we learn from watching movies made in another country?

For example, when people watch a movie made in another country, they unconsciously learn about the country’s traditions, customs, people, language, nature, and even climate. In the following paragraphs, I will give a couple of examples to support my answer.

Do Indians stare at you with bad intentions?

Not every Indian will stare at you with a bad intention, but there will be ones who will give you the vertical stare, especially if you are a young woman. As they say, precaution is always better than cure, ensuring that those stares do not lead to objectification, or something even more dire, you need to cover certain bases.

Is it normal for Indians to stare at foreign travellers?

That being said, most of the times there is no ill intention behind staring at foreign travellers. Staring in India is a deep-rooted practice, which people learn since their childhood, and understandably transitioning this behaviour will not be an overnight practice.

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Is it rude to stare at a child?

Staring is considered unacceptable and rude behaviour in western countries, and children are taught this from a very young age. As they say, curiosity is the mother of all invention. It is a part of human nature to give special attention to anything that is new or unusual.