Why do I get headaches every other week?

Why do I get headaches every other week?

Conditions that might cause nonprimary chronic daily headaches include: Inflammation or other problems with the blood vessels in and around the brain, including stroke. Infections, such as meningitis. Intracranial pressure that’s either too high or too low.

Why have I had a headache on and off for a week?

Seek medical attention right away if you’re experiencing: a severe headache that began abruptly (within a few seconds) a migraine that has lasted several days, or even weeks. any new symptoms you haven’t previously experienced along with the headache (disorientation, loss of vision or vision changes, fatigue, or fever)

When should I be concerned about recurring headaches?

Get urgent medical attention if you have severe, unusual pain or other signs and symptoms. Your headache may be a sign of an underlying illness or health condition. Your headache pain may be serious if you have: sudden, very intense headache pain (thunderclap headache)

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Why does my head hurt when I have a headache?

The most serious causes of headache pain include: hemorrhagic (bleeding) stroke. A hemorrhagic stroke happens when a blood vessel in your brain breaks and bleeds. aneurysm. A bulge or ballooning blood vessel in the brain. meningitis. A bacterial or viral infection that causes swelling in the protective lining of your brain.

What are the causes of a long lasting headache?

Long-Lasting Headache: What It Means and What You Can Do. 1 Rebound headaches. Regularly taking over-the-counter (OTC) pain medication for your headaches can actually cause your head to hurt between doses. 2 Migraines. 3 Headaches related to stress or mood disorders. 4 Cervicogenic headaches. 5 Concussions and other head injuries.

What are chronic migraines and what causes them?

Chronic migraines tend to: And they cause at least one of the following: These headaches tend to: These headaches come on suddenly, usually in people without a headache history. They become constant within three days of your first headache. They: Cause pain that feels like pressing or tightening, but not pulsating

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Why do I get a headache every time I take medication?

Medication overuse headache. This type of headache usually develops in people who have an episodic headache disorder, usually migraine or tension type, and take too much pain medication. If you’re taking pain medications — even over-the-counter — more than two days a week (or nine days a month), you’re at risk of developing rebound headaches.