Why did Gatorade make me sick?

Why did Gatorade make me sick?

Because these are vitamins, it’s easy for parents and kids to think they can have a lot of it. But just like anything, too many electrolytes can be unhealthy: Too much sodium, formally referred to as hypernatremia, can cause dizziness, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Is Gatorade Good for stomach problems?

A new study shows that Gatorade was as effective as Pedialyte at rehydrating and easing diarrhea in children with viral gastroenteritis. Sometimes called the “stomach flu,” viral gastroenteritis is caused by a virus that may trigger diarrhea and/or vomiting and usually improves by itself within a week.

Why Gatorade is not good for you?

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When consumed often, the sugar content of Gatorade can also contribute to tooth decay, especially in children. For people who are less active, getting extra sugar and sodium throughout the day isn’t necessary or recommended. The extra calories from a sports drink could contribute to weight gain.

Why does Gatorade zero upset my stomach?

Sucralose has been linked to interfering with gut bacteria. There is a delicate balance of good and bad bacteria in our stomach and intestines that allow each other to co-exist without consequence. It is called a microbiome. Upsetting this balance could lead to stomach or intestinal illness.

Why does Gatorade cause diarrhea?

The major reason is that they worry that fluids that have a lot of sugar in them, like juice or Gatorade, can worsen diarrhea. The other reason is that when you have a lot of vomiting or diarrhea, you can lose electrolytes like sodium that are crucial for your body’s function.

What happens if u drink too much Gatorade?

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Drinks like Gatorade contain high levels of sugar and sodium which have proven to be detrimental to children especially when they consume a large amount of these drinks. Gatorade has the potential to lead to diabetes, kidney damage, tooth enamel erosion and can add to the growing number of overweight children.

Why does Gatorade give me diarrhea?

She said that because Gatorade contains simple sugar as its main ingredient, it can exacerbate diarrhea. “Gatorade is better than something like juice or popsicles, but you just don’t get the electrolyte replenishment you need with Gatorade,” she said.

Is Gatorade bad for your stomach?

My nephew is visiting and he has ulceritis/crone’s and drinks Gatorade nonstop all day. I think it’s too much potassium and sodium. There are no studies that show that it can cause stomach problems. I personally have issues with large consumption of it and limit my children to it as a treat only.

Why do people drink Gatorade when exercise?

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Many people reach for Gatorade when exercising for extended periods of time or when competing in fitness or athletic events in hot weather because the sports drink contains sugar and electrolytes like sodium and potassium.

Can too much Gatorade cause hyponatremia?

Hyponatremia. Although hyponatremia usually occurs when an athlete drinks too much water, “Runner’s World” states that it can occur if an athlete drinks too much Gatorade as well. Many athletes feel that they are doing a good thing by re-hydrating with Gatorade, so they think more is better, but in reality, too much Gatorade could be dangerous.

Does Gatorade make you gain weight?

Photo Credit: Comstock/Stockbyte/Getty Images Gatorade is a vitamin-enriched sports beverage which is used to re-hydrate athletes during and after sports. The sweet taste and convenience attract athletes and non-athletes alike to the many flavors of Gatorade. Probably the most common consequence of drinking too much Gatorade is weight gain.