Who would win in a fight Clayface vs Sandman?

Who would win in a fight Clayface vs Sandman?

Clayface could become this element and easily kill Sandman). Also, a variant of Spiderman’s webs have restrained Sandman, so there is no reason to believe that Clayface could also turn into or utilize these web variants. This is why Clayface would win.

Is Sandman a copy of Clayface?

14 SANDMAN (RIPPED OFF CLAYFACE) Due to an accident involving radioactive sand bonding with his body, Marko was given the ability to shapeshift and morph into various forms and disguises. That being said, Clayface made it first before Sandman even was put to paper.

Does Clayface find a cure?

The device is not a cure, as the Clayface DNA consumes Basil Karlo’s human DNA whenever he is locked into human form.

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Is Clayface a villain?

Clayface, Clayface is a supervillain from the Batman series. While there have been multiple people to take up the title, the most well known and iconic Clayface is the original Basil Karlo.

Who would win bane or Rhino?

His armor is also his weakness, making it extremely hard to sweat for Rhino because of how thick his armor is. At the end, Bane’s intelligence is what beat Rhino. The winner is Bane.

Who would win the Lizard vs Killer Croc?

Originally Answered: Who would win in a fight, The Lizard or Killer Croc? Lizard easily. He’s much stronger than Killer Croc and can climb or crawl through any vertical surface, plus his regenerative healing factor makes it even harder.

When was Sandman’s appearance?

The Amazing Spider-Man #4September 1963
Sandman/First appearance

When was clayface created?

In his first appearance in DETECTIVE COMICS #40 (1940), he was depicted as an insane and jealous B-list actor who wore a costume from a movie he’d once worked on.

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How many Clayfaces are there?

eight Clayfaces
There have been eight Clayfaces over the years—several of them even formed their own club, the Mud Pack—and the DCAU’s Matt Hagen takes elements from the first two. The origin story is, however, original to the DCAU. The first Clayface, Basil Karlo, was an actor, and originally nothing but a man in a mask.

Who is the voice of Clayface in Harley Quinn?

Alan TudykHarley Quinn
Clayface/Voiced by