Who would win in a fight Batman or Supergirl?

Who would win in a fight Batman or Supergirl?

The fight is a “no contest.”If Batman has no time to prepare, Supergirl wins hands down. She could kill an off guard Batman in so many ways. These range from simply breaking his neck with her pinky to flying him to the moon and leaving him there.

Who would win in a fight Supergirl or Thor?

In pro wrestling terms, Thor would not beat Supergirl in a squash. She would hit him as hard as he hit her, maybe even harder in some cases. The victory would be a Pyrrhic one at best.

Is Supergirl stronger than Power Girl?

Supergirl and Power Girl have the exact same abilities, so their long-range attacks are the same. Both can use heat vision and freeze breath, but when it comes down to it, Power Girl’s abilities are stronger than Supergirl’s.

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Who would win in a fight Superman or Supergirl?

In most continuities Supergirl is very slightly faster – but Superman is both stronger and a whole lot more experienced and takes it relatively easily. In the CW Supergirl show they actually had it out and Supergirl won with Superman going all out.

Is Superboy stronger than Supergirl?

Generally, Supergirl (Kara Zor-El) might win, because she is older and has more experience than Superboy. Depending on which incarnation of Superboy you’re using, she might also just be more powerful. The original Superboy, Kal-El (the young Superman), would probably be of roughly equal power to Supergirl.

Is Supergirl better than Superman in a fight?

So, if both characters were to be stripped of their powers, then Supergirl would be the better person to bet on for a fight as she is more than equipped to take down opponents based on fighting skills. Superman has perhaps faced the most powerful beings in the DC Universe, and this can never be scoffed at.

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What would happen if Wonder Woman fought Supergirl?

If Wonder Woman fights Supergirl, she could easily end the conflict by binding Supergirl with her lasso. The tiara that Diana wears can also be used as a weapon; she can toss her tiara at her opponents like a boomerang. The tiara has even cut Superman! Supergirl exposed to Kryptonite.

Why has Superman lost so many fights in the past?

Superman has lost many fights in the past due to him holding back, something that has denied him the chance to explore his full power numerous times. This one goes without saying, as Superman was already active before Supergirl began her career as a superhero.

Why is Superman so good at everything?

Superman’s collaboration with the likes of Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, and Batman have enabled him to gain knowledge of several worlds and cultures. He’s been able to harness this experience in his fights, too, while Supergirl has largely relied on raw power and Kryptonian heritage.

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