Who slept only 4 hours a day?

Who slept only 4 hours a day?

Eugene Dubovoy Courtesy of Eugene Dubovoy Eugene Dubovoy, a professional project manager based in Russia, has slept only four-and-a-half hours per day for the past two years and has no plans to stop.

What happens if you sleep only 3 hours a day?

Not getting enough sleep can lower your sex drive, weaken your immune system, cause thinking issues, and lead to weight gain. When you don’t get enough sleep, you may also increase your risk of certain cancers, diabetes, and even car accidents.

Can you live on 4 hours of sleep a night?

Can some people thrive on only 4 hours of sleep every single night? It’s rare, but neuroscientist Dr. Ying-Hui Fu says it can happen. Fu is a neurology professor at the University of California, San Francisco.

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How many hours of sleep does Elon Musk get?

six hours
In a recent appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Elon Musk said he sleeps about six hours every night–by necessity, or else his work suffers. That admission by the data-driven Musk is one every overworked startup founder or business manager should take to heart.

Is it OK to sleep 3 4 hours a day?

Some people are able to function on only 3 hours very well and actually perform better after sleeping in bursts. Though many experts do still recommend a minimum of 6 hours a night, with 8 being preferable.

Can you live off 4 hours of sleep?

Do short sleepers have more energy?

Since they don’t seem to need sleep (or at least as much of it), it makes sense that short sleepers would naturally have more energy. Annoying, right? Maybe it’s all those extra hours of learning how to be social. Or maybe they get out to more parties while the rest of the world is sleeping.

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Who are some famous people who get 7 hours of sleep?

The Apple CEO starts his day at around 4 a.m. and reportedly enjoys up to seven hours of sleep each night. His routines include reviewing user comments about Apple products and at least one hour at the gym. “It keeps my stress at bay,” Cook said in an interview with Axios. 2. Kevin O’Leary

How many hours of sleep do CEOs get?

Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo: In a Guardian interview, Mayer said she gets around four to six hours of sleep a night, but catches up by taking a week-long vacation every four months. Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer says she gets around four to six hours of sleep per night. Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO: Dorsey manages two companies — Twitter and Square.

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