Who is the most popular Marvel supervillain?

Who is the most popular Marvel supervillain?

Top 10 Greatest Marvel Supervillains

  1. #1: Magneto. Taking the top spot is the ex-best friend of Charles Xavier, who’s vying for mutant supremacy.
  2. #2: The Green Goblin. Next up is Marvel’s answer to DC’s Joker.
  3. #3: Doctor Doom.
  4. #4: Loki.
  5. #5: Galactus.
  6. #6: Doctor Octopus.
  7. #7: Kingpin.
  8. #8: Apocalypse.

Who is the most popular DC supervillain?

Top 10 Greatest DC Supervillains

  • #8: Brainiac.
  • #7: General Zod.
  • #6: Thaal Sinestro.
  • #5: Ra’s al Ghul.
  • #4: Catwoman.
  • #3: Darkseid. He looks like a huge hunk of granite, and is every bit as unyielding.
  • #2: Lex Luthor. Superman’s arch-foe, Lex Luthor is cold, calculating, ruthless – and rich.
  • #1: The Joker. Was there any doubt?
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Who is the main villain in DC Comics?

Uxas, better known as Darkseid, is one of the main antagonists of DC Comics.

Who is the biggest supervillain?

The 10 Most Powerful Supervillains Ever, Ranked

  1. 1 Thanos. When thinking of how powerful a supervillain is, it is not just about the special powers that they have, but what sort of evil they are able to accomplish.
  2. 2 Ego.
  3. 3 Hela.
  4. 4 Apocalypse.
  5. 5 Galactus.
  6. 6 Magneto.
  7. 7 Loki.
  8. 8 Max Lord.

Who is best DC character?

Top 100 DC Characters

  1. Hal Jordan.
  2. Batman.
  3. Dick Grayson.
  4. Cyclone.
  5. Superman.
  6. Lex Luthor.
  7. Joker.
  8. Tim Drake.

Who is the most powerful villain in Marvel history?

The Greatest Super Villains in Marvel History. 1 Doctor Doom. The ruler of Latveria has long made bystanders, heroes, and even villains of the Marvel Universe quake in fear. Smart, egomaniacal, 2 Magneto. 3 Doctor Octopus. 4 Red Skull. 5 Kingpin.

Why are some Marvel villains easier to sympathy with?

Some Marvel villains are easier to sympathize with than others once you see just how bad they had it. Comic book villains are born as the antithesis for the heroes that are held so dear. As amazing as the superheroes are in the Marvel Universe, the villains also showcase their deep-rooted amazing personalities through tragedy.

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Are supervillains the creepiest characters in comics?

Comic book supervillains have been known to be some of the creepiest characters imaginable, with skin-crawling appearances, behavioral patterns, and/or actions. Across comic book fandom, certain supervillains are far creepier than others, but some clearly stand head and shoulders above the rest.

What do the DC and Marvel universes have in common?

Both the DC and Marvel Universes have an expansive repertoire of long-standing, beloved superheroes and stories, ranging from Superman and Batman to Spider-Man and Iron Man. Of course, no heroes would be complete without competent and interesting villains, which both universes thankfully have no shortage of.