Which SS English willow bat is best?

Which SS English willow bat is best?

Top 10 SS Bats

SS Ton Reserve Edition English Willow Cricket Bat (SH, 1200 g) Rs.33,000
SS Yuvi 20-20 English Willow Cricket Bat (Short Handle, 1110 – 1300 g) Rs.8,975
SS Ton Blaster Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat (SH, 1200 g) Rs.1,800
SS Impact Tennis Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat (SH, 800-1100 g) Rs.2,250

Which willow is best for cricket?

English willow, which is regarded as the best material because it’s the most springy. Because of this, it tends to be the most expensive. These bats are ideal for serious competitive players. Kashmir willow, which is less springy than English willow, but more so than pine.

Which bat is best SS or SG?

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Surprisingly, the cheaper bat is the better choice between the two. Both are made of high-grade English Willow, both are used in professional matches, both are quality bats. However, the SS bat is a lot cheaper than its SG counterpart, making it a more practical choice.

Which bat is best for Cosco ball?

Cosco Cricket Bat

  • COSCO STRICKER Poplar Willow Cricket Bat. 700-1200 g. 4.1. ₹800. 25\% off.
  • COSCO SIXER (SIZE -4) Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat. 700-1200 g. ₹1,114. ₹1,550. 28\% off.
  • COSCO THUNDER Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat. 700-1200 g. ₹1,630. ₹2,300. 29\% off.
  • COSCO BLASTER Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat. 700-1200 kg. 3.7. ₹859. ₹1,200.

Is English willow bat better than Kashmir willow?

A high quality English willow is more expensive than a high quality Kashmir willow. Also, an English willow has a better ping off the bat and is lighter compared to a comparable quality Kashmir willow, leading to better bat speed and ping off the bat.

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What grade English willow is best?

All adult English willow bats are Graded and have specific price points.

  • Grade 1 –These are the best grade of willow used by professional players.
  • Grade 2 –Premium unbleached English willow, with straight grains with some blemishes and marks on the blade of the bat.

Which bat has best stroke?

GM Six6 Bullet English Willow Cricket Bat Size-6 This product is made using premium quality timber and is known for its superior finish, exquisite stroke play, and high impact-resistance. This cricket bat can be purchased for Rs 2,777.