Which magnetic material is used in transformer?

Which magnetic material is used in transformer?

Soft magnetic materials are iron and its alloy with nickel, cobalt, tungsten and aluminium. A material possessing these properties may reach its saturation magnetization with a relatively low applied field (i.e., is easily magnetized and demagnetized) and still has low hysteresis energy losses.

Why is soft iron preferred for making the core of a transformer?

The core of a transformer is made of soft iron because it has high permeability so it provides complete linkage of magnetic flux of the primary coil to the secondary coil. Therefore ithas high coercivity and low retentivity.

Where are soft magnetic materials used?

Soft-magnetic materials are mainly used in magnetic cores of transformers, motors, inductors, and generators. Of prime importance for applications in cores are a high permeability, low magnetic losses, and a low coercivity.

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What are the application of soft magnetic material?

They are used in electrical rotating machine, electromagnet, electrical machine and transformer. It is used in communication equipment such as audio transformer, recording heads and magnetic modulators because of high initial permeability in feeble fields. They also possess low hysteresis and eddy current losses.

Is soft iron soft?

Soft iron is iron that is easily magnetized and demagnetized with a small change of magnetic field. Soft iron does not refer to the soft nature of the metal; in fact, soft iron is also a hard, metallic iron.

Does soft iron have high hysteresis?

That’s why the soft iron is used as core, which has narrow hysteresis loop (or area of B-H curve is very small). Also soft iron (ferromagnetic substance) has high permeability, high retentivity, low coercivity and low hysteresis loss.

Which property of soft iron makes it useful for preparing electromagnet?

high susceptibility and high retentivity. Hint: Soft iron is a special kind of magnetic material which are generally used for making electromagnets because it gets easily magnetised and also loses its magnetism as soon as the inducing field is removed.

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Which is the soft magnetic material?

The most widely used type of soft magnetic material is the iron-silicon alloy. The addition of silicon to iron increases the electrical resistivity, thus reducing eddy current losses and hysteresis. It also increases the magnetic permeability.

What are the properties of soft magnetic material?

The most important properties of soft magnetic materials, in addition to high reliability, low cost and suitability for mass production just like other commercial products, are (1) high saturation magnetization, (2) low coercivity, (3) high initial/maximum permeability, (4) high Curie temperature, and (5) low power …

What is soft magnetic?

Soft magnetic materials are those materials that are easily magnetised and demagnetised. They typically have intrinsic coercivity less than 1000 Am-1. They are used primarily to enhance and/or channel the flux produced by an electric current.

Why is Soft iron used?

Soft iron is used because it does not retain its magnetism when the current is switched off; in other words, it does not become permanently magnetized. To start with, the armature lies with only a part of it inside the coil.

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