Which is the closest antonym for the word radical?

Which is the closest antonym for the word radical?

Synonyms, Antonyms & Associated Words

  • radicaladjective. Antonyms: conservative, moderate, slight, trifling, derivative. Synonyms: original, fundamental, extreme, thorough-going, primitive.
  • radicalnoun. Synonyms: root, etymon, radix.

What is the synonym of radical?

noun. 1’he was by no means a radical’ revolutionary, progressive, reformer, revisionist. leftist, left-winger, socialist. militant, zealot, extremist, fanatic, diehard.

What is a synonym and antonym for radical?

radical. Synonyms: original, fundamental, thoroughgoing, unsparing, extreme, entire, innate, natural, essential, immanent, ingrained, underived, deep-seated. Antonyms: derived, ascititious, adventitious, superficial, extraneous, partial, moderate, conservative, acquired.

What is the opposite of radical Republicans?

They were opposed during the War by the moderate Republicans (led by U.S. President Abraham Lincoln), and by the pro-slavery and anti-Reconstruction Democratic Party as well as liberals in the Northern United States during Reconstruction.

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What is the opposite of conventional thinking?

Unconventional thinking
Conventional thinking tends to lead to conforming to cultural norms in behaviour and thinking. Unconventional thinking, of course, is the exact opposite. It it taking a point of view or behaving in a way that is contrary to cultural norms.

What’s the opposite of Radicalisation?

What is the opposite of radicalism?

conservatism illiberalism
immobilism right

What is the opposite of restrictiveness?

nonrestrictive, unprotective, unrestrictive, emancipative.

What does radical idea mean?

2 opinions radical ideas are very new and different, and are against what most people think or believe → conservative He has put forward some very radical ideas.

Is thoroughgoing a word?

doing things thoroughly. carried out to the full extent; thorough. complete; unqualified: a thoroughgoing knave.

What is the Davis bill?

The Wade-Davis Bill required that 50 percent of a state’s white males take a loyalty oath to be readmitted to the Union. In addition, states were required to give blacks the right to vote. Congress passed the Wade-Davis Bill, but President Lincoln chose not to sign it, killing the bill with a pocket veto.

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What is the difference between a Republican and a radical republican?

The Radical Republicans were a faction of the Republican Party during the American Civil War. They were distinguished by their fierce advocacy for the abolition of slavery, enfranchisement of black citizens, and holding the Southern states financially and morally culpable for the war.

What word is opposite of conventional?

Pertaining to a convention, as in following generally accepted principles, methods and behaviour. Antonyms: unconventional, atypical, imaginative, out of the ordinary.