Whats wrong in question or with?

Whats wrong in question or with?

Most people are used to the expression “wrong with” meaning a defect, whereas wrong meaning incorrect might take “in.” For example, the use of the Cyrillic alphabet would be wrong in this context.

What is wrong question?

In this case, “the wrong question” means I am thinking of a specific question — the right question — and this isn’t it. Meanwhile “a good point” means I have no particular point in mind, so the point you made is one of many possible “good points”.

How do you answer the right question?

If the answer is “Right”: –> Does “Right” mean “What you said is right, i.e., I don’t love you.”, doesn’t it? If the answer is “Yes”: –> Which does “Yes” mean, “Yes, what you said is right.” or “Yes, I love you.”?

What can I ask instead of what’s wrong?

It makes people internalize that the emotions they are feeling are wrong, and in turn, they ask others “what’s wrong?”. It is a never-ending circle. Instead, we should be saying things like “what happened?” , “What’s going on?” , or “How are you feeling?” in a tone that is compassionate and caring.

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What does wrong mean?

used for asking someone who looks ill or sad to tell you what problem they have. You look terrible – what’s wrong?

Is it wrong to ask why?

It’s rather casual and some might argue that it’s a bit ambiguous or clumsy. However, it appeals to the other person’s insights in a non-threatening way. So if someone is considering making a life-change, asking ‘why’ is often a way of communicating disbelief, implying that it’s the wrong decision.

Why does my boyfriend ask if im ok?

Originally Answered: what does it mean if a guy who likes you always asks if you are okay? It’s because he truly cares about you. He likes you enough to know that the concerns of your well being gets to him. Wants reassurance to know if you’re okay so he can do something about it to comfort you.