What web & video conference technology is?

What web & video conference technology is?

Web Conferencing is an online service by which you can hold live meetings, conferencing, presentations and trainings via the internet particularly on TCP/IP connections. You can connect to the conference either by telephone or using your computer’s speakers and microphone through a VoIP connection.

What are the advantages of using Web conferencing?

The major benefits of web conferencing include saving time, resources, and money since you and your clients or customers can meet online instead of having to leave the office. It is also environmentally friendly since it reduces the need for travel.

What are the differences between web and video conferencing?

Understanding the Difference Between Web Conferencing and Video Conferencing Video Conferencing. Video conferencing is a two way visual or audio communication between two or more people who are in different locations via video or audio streams. Web Conferencing. Main Differences. Conclusion.

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What are the disadvantages of web conferencing?

The following are some of the disadvantages of web conferencing. 1. Hacking. Hacking is a real threat in our society right now. Even with the tightest of securities, there is bound to be a few loopholes here and there which if explored can and will open the door to breach of security.

What are the disadvantages of video conferencing?

The biggest disadvantage to video chat or conferencing is the risk of technical issues. Dropped connections, camera malfunctions and choppy video streams can quickly make a video conference frustrating or useless. Another disadvantage is the loss of interpersonal connections.

What is the best free tool for web conferencing?

Free Web Conferencing Tools BigBlueButton. BigBlueButton enables universities and colleges to deliver a high-quality learning experience to remote students. Google Hangouts. Would you like to see, hear, and share information to your online learners? Join.me. Zoho Meeting.