What is your current disposition?

What is your current disposition?

The disposition on a criminal record is the current status or final outcome of an arrest or prosecution. Common dispositions are: Convicted: means you have plead or been found guilty by a court of law. Acquitted: means you have been found not guilty by a court of law in a criminal trial.

How do you use the word disposition?

Disposition in a Sentence 🔉

  1. Even though the old man appeared grumpy, he really had a pleasant disposition.
  2. His gloomy disposition aside, Jeremy is a very nice person.
  3. Whenever my uncle was feeling ill, his friendly disposition disappeared.
  4. Janice has a bright smile and a warm disposition.

What does file disposition mean?

Disposition is the transfer of records to their final state; shred, transfer to Archives, or purge.

What is your disposition meaning?

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Someone’s disposition is their mood or general attitude about life. Disposition means the positive or negative way a person views the world.

What is meaning of disposition in law?

disposition | Business English the way in which a formal process, such as a business deal or a matter dealt with in a court of law, is completed: This describes the principal issues raised in the review and states the Regulation Board’s disposition of the proceeding.

What does disposition date mean?

The disposition date on a criminal record is the date on which the defendant was found guilty or not guilty. If the defendant is found guilty, he is sentenced on a date after the disposition date.

Is disposition singular or plural?

disposition ​Definitions and Synonyms

singular disposition
plural dispositions

What is an example of a disposition?

The definition of disposition is a tendency. An example of disposition is someone who leans toward being happy. She has a sunny disposition. He has such a foul disposition.

What is a disposition docket?

They call it a status docket, a disposition docket, a sounding docket. Basically, these are dockets for you and your attorney to go in and talk with the district attorney’s office, figure out what’s their case, what their stance is and work on a plea agreement.

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What happens in a disposition?

In the simplest terms, a disposition is a court’s final determination in a criminal charge. On a criminal background report, disposition may refer to the current status of an arrest or the final outcome of an interaction with the court in relation to a criminal matter.

What does the word disposition mean in the context of the passage?

Noun. 1. disposition – your usual mood; “he has a happy disposition”

What is a disposition date mean in court?

Generally, the disposition date on a court record is the date the court makes a final ruling in the case, which brings it to its conclusion.

What does “the current disposition of the documents” mean?

Often when I encounter that phrase “the current disposition of the documents,” the meaning in nearly most cases is about the state or progress at that particular point in time of the pathway or development for finalising the documents.

What does it mean when a court issues a disposition?

Once the defendant has been sentenced the court issues a court disposition, which means the court can officially take that case off of its plate and move on to another one. The disposition of assets is the process of getting rid of assets either by selling them or otherwise transferring them to another person.

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What does it mean when a case is disposed of?

When a court comes to a final ruling in a case, this is known as the case disposition. The final ruling may not necessarily resolve all of the underlying issues that are before the court. However, because the court’s ruling is final, the case is marked off as being “disposed” because the main issue is considered settled.

Why is it called a disposition of assets?

The reason for the fancy title, rather than just saying that someone sold something, is that for a “disposition” to take place, the person had to have made an investment in an asset and is then selling that asset. For this reason, the selling of stock is also referred to as a disposition of assets.