What is the rank for 200 marks?

What is the rank for 200 marks?

According to you, you got 200 marks in JEE Mains 2021 then your percentile and rank would be around 99.5-99.58 and 5115 – 5750 .

What is the rank for SC category?

Your category rank will be around 5600. You have chances to get NITs based on your rank.

Is 150 good in JEE Mains for SC students?

Answer. Yes, based on your JEE Mains score and category you have a good chance to get a seat in NITs, right now keep working hard for your upcoming JEE Advanced exam. All the very best and good luck.

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How much percentile is required for NIT for SC category?

To secure a seat in one of the NITs, IIITs or GFTIs with a Respectable Branch, being from SC Category you must target a SC Rank of atleast 7k. For the SC Rank, the corresponding CRL will be anywhere around 150-160k, and a Percentile Target of atleast 85-86.

Can I get nit with 60 percentile SC category?

Yes you can get nit with 60 percentile score like nit silcahar, nit sikkim, or nit Agartala but the chances are very negligible. As this year the Jee mains cut off for sc category was around 50 percentile. And your percentile score is around 60. So it is difficult for you to get any nit or iiit.

Can I get any NIT with 70 percentile SC category?

With 70 percentile in SC category you are definitely qulifying the jee mains exam. But the chances of availing seats in any of the NITs are very less. You may apply with the state quota at the time of counselling.

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What is the difference between marks percentage and SC rank in JEE?

Marks percentage is simple i.e; out of total marks how much you scored. JEE MAINS TOTAL MARKS IS 360. SC rank is the rank you get in the SC category i.e; from total no of eligible candidate who appeared for the exams from SC group in that group at what rank u get. But, rank = 1st ( SC category).

How many JEE Main candidates appeared for the test with 240 marks?

If Student 1 with 240 marks is on Rank 1, that means there are no students above him who have secured more than 240 in JEE Main. Including Student 1 and other 199 students below him/her, the total number of candidates appeared for the test is 200. So, by putting in the numbers in formula: NOTE: Is JEE Main Percentile directly related to Rank?

What is the score range of JEE Mains 2019?

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JEE Main Marks vs Rank 2019 Score Range Rank range 310 marks to 360 marks 1 to 100 290 marks to 309 marks 101 to 200 270 marks to 289 marks 201 to 500 255 marks to 269 marks 501 to 1000

What is the minimum percentage of marks prescribed for inclusion in JEE?

Minimum Percentage of Marks Prescribed for Inclusion in the JEE Advanced Rank List 2020 Category Minimum Percentage of Marks in Each Subj Minimum Percentage Aggregate Marks Common rank list (CRL) 5\% 17.50\% GEN-EWS rank list 4.50\% 15.75\% OBC-NCL rank list 4.50\% 15.75\% SC rank list 2.50\% 8.75\%