What is the location of Heaven?

What is the location of Heaven?

What is the location of heaven?”. Answer: Heaven is most certainly a real place. The Bible very definitely speaks of heaven’s existence—and access to heaven through faith in Jesus Christ—but there are no verses that give us a geographical location.

Is heaven above the Earth in the Bible?

Other verses indicating heaven to be “above” the earth” are numerous. At the Tower of Babel, God says, “Come, let us go down” (Genesis 11:7) Heaven is described as “high above the earth” in Psalm 103:11, and the place from which the Lord “looks down” in Psalm 14:2.

Is Heaven a place remote from Earth?

However, since God is spirit, “heaven” cannot signify a place remote from us which He inhabits. The Greek gods were thought of as spending most of their time far away from earth in sort of a celestial equivalent of the Bahamas, but the God of the Bible is not like this.

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Is Heaven outside our present universe?

Because heaven is a real place, we sometimes think it must be outside our present universe – which would mean that it is billions and billions of light years away. However, it’s very clear that the early Christians understood that they would pass immediately from this life into the presence of Christ in heaven.

Is heaven beyond the Earth’s airspace?

In Acts 1:9–11 Jesus is described as being taken “up” into heaven, and when God takes John to heaven in Revelation 4:1, He says, “Come up here.” These passages have led to the conclusion that heaven is beyond the earth’s airspace and beyond the stars. However, since God is spirit, “heaven” cannot signify a place remote from us which He inhabits.

What are some 9 facts about heaven that will surprise you?

9 Facts About Heaven that Will Surprise You. 1 1. We won’t miss our old lives. Have you ever bought an economy ticket for a flight, but because of overbooking, been upgraded to first class? Did you 2 2. We won’t become angels. 3 3. We won’t be tempted. 4 4. We will have work to do. 5 5. We will still experience emotions.

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What will your first gasp of Heaven be like?

As believers, I imagine our first glimpse of heaven will cause us to gasp in a similar way—with amazement and delight. That first gasp will likely be followed by many more as we continually encounter new sights in that endlessly wonderful place. Though most of us are in no hurry to get to our final destination, we all have questions about it.

Do you have common questions about Heaven?

Author Randy Alcorn answers some of the common questions we all have about heaven. When I anticipate my first glimpse of heaven, I remember the first time I went snorkeling. I saw countless fish of every shape, size and color. Just when I thought I’d seen the most beautiful fish, along came one even more striking.