What is the highest paying least stressful job?

What is the highest paying least stressful job?

Top Low Stress Jobs That Pay Well in 2021

  • Economist.
  • Mathematician.
  • Actuary. Median Salary: $111,030.
  • Optometrist. Median Salary: $118,050.
  • Computer Hardware Engineer. Median Salary: $119,560.
  • Computer and Information Research Scientist. Median Salary: $126,830.
  • Dentist. Median Salary: $164,010.
  • Orthodontist. Median Salary: $208,000.

What are low stress jobs that pay well?


  • Computer Hardware Engineer. Job Overview:
  • Curator. Job Overview:
  • Freelance Photographer. Job Overview:
  • Food Technologist. Job Overview:
  • Robotics Engineer. Job Overview:
  • Massage Therapist. Job Overview:
  • Economist. Job Overview:
  • Technical Writer.

Which job is less stressful?

More than half of Americans report that work is a significant source of stress in their lives. The least stressful jobs include diagnostic medical sonographer, compliance officer and hairstylist.

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What is the highest paying easiest job?

Top 18 Highest Paying Easy Jobs

  1. House Sitter. If you’re looking for easy high paying jobs, don’t discount house sitter.
  2. Personal Trainer.
  3. Optometrist.
  4. Flight Attendant.
  5. Dog Walker.
  6. Toll Booth Attendant.
  7. Massage Therapist.
  8. Librarian.

Is software engineer low stress?

Software developer stress may vary depending on their daily responsibilities. But they definitely won’t have to stress about job availability or salary. The computer programmer lifestyle can be one of freedom, because one doesn’t need to be in the same physical location as the rest of their team.

Is software development a stress-free career?

Additionally, depending on your employer, flexible work hours may be an option. Plus, software development isn’t just considered one of the more stress-free jobs; it is also an occupational field that pays very well.

What are the best low-stress well-paying jobs?

Using data from the Department of Labor and Bureau of Labor Statistics, we found 33 jobs with annual salaries over $75,000 that also offer a relatively low-stress work situation. Highly ranked low-stress well-paying jobs include material scientists, mathematicians, and geographers.

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What are the best low-stress jobs for number whizzes?

Another option for number whizzes looking for low-stress jobs, bookkeepers and accounting clerks focus on tracking financial transactions, creating balance statements, and similar activities. Basic computer and math skills are usually all it takes to get started, so you don’t need a bachelor’s degree.

Are there any well-paid jobs that offer a relaxing work environment?

There are many jobs that are both well-paid and offer a relaxing work environment. We looked at jobs that pay at least $75,000 annually and that have a relatively low-stress work situation. Here are those jobs ranked from most to least stressful, and by average annual wages in the case of a tie.