What is Jeff Bezos credit line?

What is Jeff Bezos credit line?

When Jeff Bezos was worth $18 billion, he claimed a $4,000 tax credit intended for families earning less than $100,000, ProPublica reports. In 2011, Bezos’ net worth was valued at $18 billion.

Where does Jeff Bezos actually live?

Jeff Bezos/Places lived

How much actual cash does Jeff Bezos have?

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has a net worth of $1 billion, according to Bloomberg. The cash balance is $34 billion and the investment value is $9 billion.

Did Jeff Bezos get the child tax credit?

The founder of Amazon had a net worth of about $18 billion in 2011, but reportedly paid no taxes. And he got $4,000 in child tax credits. Bezos paid no taxes because most of his wealth came from company stock, which isn’t taxed until it’s sold.

Where does Jeff Bezos keep his money?

Instead, nearly 90\% of Bezos’s fortune lies in his Amazon stock holdings. That is true not just for Bezos, but also for many of America’s wealthiest—and that’s a big reason why they pay so little in taxes relative to their total net worths.

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Where does Jeff Bezos live now?

Bezos is also reported to own properties in Texas, where he owns more than 300,000 acres of property, and New York and Washington, D.C., according to the Journal. In New York, public records show he paid at least $51.5 million in 2019 for the penthouse apartment of a high-rise on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.

What are Jeff Bezos’ children’s names?

As far as Jeff Bezos childrens’ names are concerned, only the name of his 21 year old son, Preston Bezos, is known. The names of his other two sons and the daughter he and MacKenzie adopted remain unknown. Preston Bezos is the oldest child of Jeff and MacKenzie.

How much did Jeff Bezos pay for his Kalorama home?

The Amazon honcho paid $23 million in 2016 for the former Textile Museum in Washington’s upscale Kalorama neighborhood — then he got to work on a $12 million renovation, according to a Washingtonian report. Bezos purchased the estate three years after becoming the sole owner of the Washington Post.

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How much did Jeff Bezos buy his house in Washington DC?

Bezos also bought the 4,800-square-foot home across the street for $5 million in January 2020 through the Capital Revocable Trust, which represents Bezos, the Washingtonian reported. The four-bedroom home, built in 1951, has five full bathrooms and two powder rooms.