What is highest package in SASTRA University?

What is highest package in SASTRA University?

The highest, lowest & average packages offered were INR 28.5 LPA, INR 9.3 LPA & INR 3.6 LPA respectively….SASTRA University Placements 2020 Highlights.

Particulars Data
Number of Students placed More than 2400
Highest Package INR 28.5 LPA
Average Package INR 9.3 LPA
Lowest Package INR 3.6 LPA

How are placements for ECE in Sastra?

Every year 85\% of the students get placed. The main recruiting company is TCS. The highest salary package offered for ECE branch is 8 LPA, the lowest salary package offered is 3 LPA and the average salary package offered is 4 LPA. Placements: About 90\% of the students got placed.

What is the package of ECE students?

B. Tech ECE jobs salary is around INR 3 – 6 LPA. Freshers start their career with an average pay of INR 4 LPA, and their salary gets hiked as they develop their technical skills and experience.

What is the highest package of ECE in India?

The highest-paying job at ECE Industries is a Assistant Manager with a salary of ₹7.2 Lakhs per year. The top 10\% of employees earn more than ₹14.62 lakhs per year. The top 1\% earn more than a whopping ₹35.99 lakhs per year.

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What is the average package offered by SASTRA University?

Apoorva Mishra 7th Nov, 2020 Hi Adarsh, sastra University is a deemed university. The Highest package offered was around 28.5 LPA and the lowest package is of 3.5LPA. The average package is of 9.3LPA and around 2400+ students are placed every year.

How is Sastra for placements in Amazon CSE?

SASTRA will train students for placements. In the batch of 2020, the highest salary package of 33 LPA was offered by Amazon for a CSE student. The average salary package offered was 3.6 LPA. TCS is the mass recruiter here, and it will recruit at least 1,000 students per year from SASTRA.

Should I Choose PEC or Sastra for ECE?

The table shows a brief overview of the institution: Particulars PEC SASTRA Highest CTC 10 LPA 28.3 LPA Average CTC 4 LPA 9.3 LPA Fees 3.77 LPA 6.20 LPA You can opt for PEC as its fee is lower than SASTRA. However, go for it only if you are getting a seat in ECE.

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Which one is better between SASTRA University and IIIT Sri City?

Between Sastra University and IIIT Sri City Sastra University is definitely the better choice. It has an amazing curriculum, placement records, and research facilities. The brand name is a plus point too.