What is appreciable amount mean?

What is appreciable amount mean?

An appreciable amount or effect is large enough to be important or clearly noticed. [formal] It contains less than 1 per cent fat and an appreciable amount of protein.

How do you use appreciable in a sentence?

Appreciable in a Sentence 🔉

  1. After providing her medical records, the young student’s appreciable impairment was taken seriously now from her teachers.
  2. Using an appreciable test, the scientists could fully use the information from it since it would contain the most valid and reliable results.

What is the meaning of appreciable difference?

adjective. sufficient to be readily perceived or estimated; considerable: There is an appreciable difference between socialism and communism.

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Is appreciable correct?

Meaning of appreciable in English. If an amount or change is appreciable, it is large or noticeable enough to have an important effect: There has been an appreciable drop in the number of unemployed since the new government came to power.

What does appreciable mean in medical terms?

adj sufficient to be easily seen, measured, or noticed. ♦ appreciably adv.

Is appreciable a sentence?

Appreciable sentence example. There was thus no appreciable break in political, legal or local administration. In nature, however, this is not realized, for the sun has an appreciable diameter. It is found to be appreciable but smaller than the observed effects.

Which is the closest antonym for the word appreciable?

antonyms for appreciable

  • ambiguous.
  • imperceptible.
  • indistinct.
  • insignificant.
  • invisible.
  • little.
  • minor.
  • obscure.

What does not appreciable mean?

not appreciable; too small to be perceived; incapable of being duly valued or estimated.

What do you mean by distinguishable?

Something that’s distinguishable can be detected or observed, especially as being separate or different from something else. The one chocolate sea salt doughnut in the box will be easily distinguishable from the plain doughnuts.

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What does no appreciable mean?

: capable of being perceived or measured no appreciable difference.

Is the word distinguishable?

distinguishable Add to list Share. Something that’s distinguishable can be detected or observed, especially as being separate or different from something else.

What is the synonym of distinguishable?

In this page you can discover 20 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for distinguishable, like: distinct, obvious, separable, perceptible, discernible, appreciable, detectable, noticeable, observable, palpable and perceivable.

What does it mean when something is appreciable?

Appreciable means “significant,” or something with can gain value. Appreciatable means “ (comparative more appreciatable, superlative most appreciatable) (chiefly esthetics) That which can be appreciated or enjoyed.” “Appreciable” means that something will likely increase in value.

What is the difference between appreciable and perceptible?

Specifically, “appreciable” applies to what is highly noticeable or definitely measurable, whereas “perceptible,” which is often paired with “barely” or “scarcely,” applies to what can be discerned to a minimal extent.

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Is it always nice to receive an appreciative word?

It’s always nice to receive an appreciative word. Good vs. Well With Ginger, correct your text even when the spelling is right!

What is the difference between sensible and palpable?

“Sensible” refers to something that is clearly perceived; a sensible difference in someone’s expression is easily detected. “Palpable” applies to something that, if it doesn’t have actual physical substance, is nevertheless quite noticeable via the senses (“a palpable chill in the air”).