What is a sentence for had fun?

What is a sentence for had fun?

I had fun tonight. I had fun up here”. “I lived, I had fun”. On Thursday, I had fun.

Is it play or played?

He played well, though his team lost. play for: He played for AC Milan before he transferred to Arsenal….play ​Definitions and Synonyms ​‌‌‌

present tense
he/she/it plays
present participle playing
past tense played
past participle played

How do you use fun in a sentence?

We do have fun with Jumbo. We did dance and play and eat nuts and candy and cakes and oranges and I did have fun with little boys and girls. Robert will come to see me Sunday when sun shines and I will have fun with him. I imagine she will have fun with the little toy man.

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What does have had fun mean?

to have fun: to enjoy oneself, to amuse oneself, to have a good time. idiom. I had fun at the party. I really enjoyed it, it was great! the fun: the pleasure, the amusement, the entertainment.

Did you have or had fun?

We are pretty good at wanting things that please us. “Did you have fun?” puts the focus of our activities on personal pleasure. It implies that an activity was successful, worth our time, or worth trying again if we “had fun”.

What is another way to say have fun?

What is another word for have fun?

whoop it up celebrate
feast enjoy life
large it let loose
enjoy yourself wassail
spree eat, drink, and be merry

Was playing played?

The rule for using “was playing” instead of “played,” is that if you must use “was playing” for your statement to make sense, use it; otherwise, use “played.”

Have you played or had played?

Both are correct, but in a context. “I had played the game” can be used when we have another clause or context in the past to show that the playing of the game took place before that happening. “I have played the game” is correct when we refer to a recent time.

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How do you say have fun?


  1. booze.
  2. drink.
  3. frolic.
  4. go on a spree.
  5. have fun.
  6. imbibe.
  7. paint the town.
  8. paint the town red.

What kind of sentence Did you have fun?

it’s imperative as well as interrogative..!!

What is fun together?

2 Informal (of two people) to have a romantic or sexual relationship. they had been going together for two years. hang together.

When we use have and had?

When to use HAVE HAD & HAD HAD. In the present perfect, the auxiliary verb is always have (for I, you, we, they) or has (for he, she, it). In the past perfect, the auxiliary verb is always had.

What is the difference between ‘have fun’ and ‘play together’?

Here ‘having fun’ and ‘playing together’ are two separate things. The implication is that you generally had fun (it could be by doing anything) and you also played together. It does not imply that you had fun by playing together. Grammatically, it is a compound sentence with two verbs. We had fun playing together. This sentence is more direct.

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What is the setting of the fun they had?

“The Fun They Had” is a short story that falls in the category of science fiction and has the future year 2157 as its background setting. It takes us into a world where computers will play a major role in educating children.

What is the theme of the fun they had?

The title quite suits the story, “The Fun They Had”. Tommy and Margie find an old book and learn how the schools were different in the past from their time and how much fun the children studying in those school had. It also gives us a glimpse of future education.

Which is correct I have played the game or have played?

I have played the game is correct because playing the game indicates a connection with the present Use of present perfect is done to depict an action done in the past but its effect on the present remains .. Having played the game shows that you know who’s to play it in the present.