What happens if you never get your wisdom teeth pulled out?

What happens if you never get your wisdom teeth pulled out?

While not all patients need their wisdom tooth removed, problems can develop if removal is not performed. Many patients have smaller mouths and jaws, which do not allow room for the third molars to grow in properly. If these teeth do erupt, overcrowding can occur. Your teeth will begin to shift or overlap each other.

Is wisdom tooth eruption painful?

They usually appear towards the end of adolescence or at the beginning of adulthood. When there is enough space in the mouth it is painless when they finally come in but this is not the case for everyone. Most young adults suffer from severe pain and/or hypersensitivity.

Can wisdom teeth cause brain damage?

Impacted teeth can become infected, and the infection can migrate into the sinuses and even into the brain or the circulatory system. This can lead to heart disease, brain damage or even death if left untreated.

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Can wisdom teeth cause lockjaw?

However, TMJ disorders are specifically caused by defects in the jaw joint. While impacted wisdom teeth can cause TMJ disorders by placing excessive stress on the jaw, this is a pretty rare cause of TMJ disorder. That condition is much more likely to be due to muscle strains, malocclusions or damage to the jaw.

What are the risks of removing wisdom teeth later in life?

You are therefore likely to take much longer to recover from the extraction surgery. Another risk associated with removing wisdom teeth later in life is that your jaw and the other teeth may be damaged during the surgery. This is because your jawbone and teeth will be so hard that more effort will be needed to extract the impacted wisdom teeth.

What happens if you have a cyst on your wisdom tooth?

This usually happens when a wisdom tooth hasn’t had the chance to fully erupt from the gums. In times like this, a cyst can form and pose a risk of further complications such as hollowing out your jaw (by damaging the jawbone itself) or even damage the roots of your teeth.

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Should I have my wisdom teeth extracted?

Most of the time, a dentist will recommend wisdom tooth extraction if the growth of your molar puts you at a higher risk for this type of complication or if they feel that there is a higher chance of infection setting in due to your wisdom teeth still being in.

What happens if your wisdom teeth become abscessed?

This is especially true if a wisdom tooth becomes abscessed, as it could lead to pain in your jaw (as well as the tooth itself) and swelling. It might not like your wisdom teeth are the source of problems right now, pain could appear out of nowhere if it doesn’t grow in correctly, or if you begin to experience decay.