What happens if Moon and Ketu are together?

What happens if Moon and Ketu are together?

When Ketu and the Moon are in conjunction, the mind becomes isolated and separate from the physical body and the rest of the world. The mind is forced to let go of attachment after many disappointments. They will analyze a situation in their life until their head hurts.

Is Moon in 12th house good?

Moon in 12th House in Vedic Astrology gives a very spiritual mother, as the mother becomes an influential figure in the native’s life. This also gives huge profits from far-off lands as well. In this position, the Moon provides lots of hidden talent and powers to the native with a profound & creative mind.

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Is Ketu in 3rd house in Gemini sign?

As Gemini is 3rd house of kalpurush and ketu is placed here so you may read Ketu in 3rd house. 2) Now let’s we know from different classical book regarding ketu in Gemini Sign.

What is the effect of Ketu on Gemini and Mercury sign?

Mercury is its ruling planet, which also represents intellect and wisdom. When Ketu, the headless shadow planet occupies Mercury’s sign, the native feels double minded. Such people face a lot of confusion and irresolution in life because Ketu affects the decision-making capability of Gemini, which is already a dual sign.

What are the results of Ketu in 12th house in astrology?

If Jupiter is strong, the results of Ketu in 12th house would be positive. He will enjoy the comforts of life and will be successful. Ketu indicates the tendency of a native towards occult and secret science.

What are the effects of Moon and Ketu conjunction in astrology?

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In vedic astrology, effects on males and females having Moon Ketu conjunction or Chandra Ketu Yuti in natal or navamsa chart of horoscope are not auspicious and unfavorable. However, many exceptional positive effects are seen in many scientists, researchers, scholar and celebrities with Moon and Ketu conjunction.