What does Hamlet realize at the end of the play?

What does Hamlet realize at the end of the play?

Both Hamlet and Laertes are fatally poisoned during the match, and before he dies, Hamlet kills Claudius. Hamlet has spent the whole play debating whether to avenge his father’s death and/or to commit suicide, and the finale effectively enables him to perform both acts.

What is Hamlet’s biggest fear?

He is afraid of leaving his earthly life, showing his indecision towards what lies in the afterlife. This indecision carries over into his actions when trying to go through with Claudius’ murder. Hesitant to kill Claudius, Hamlets settles on making sure the ghost was correct in his accusation.

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Is Hamlet satisfied at his death?

At the end of his life, Hamlet does have a moment of satisfaction when he avenges his father’s death, but the moment is short-lived.

What conclusions does Hamlet make about death?

In the last section, Hamlet concludes that he unsure to kill himself and risk not knowing the mystery that death would be better than life. The diction and imagery show that he fears death because it is a concept which he does not fully understand.

What is Hamlet’s fear?

Hamlet’s grief and misery is such that he frequently longs for death to end his suffering, but he fears that if he commits suicide, he will be consigned to eternal suffering in hell because of the Christian religion’s prohibition of suicide. In his famous “To be or not to be” soliloquy (III.

What is Hamlet worried?

Hamlet, the prince, is filled with self doubt and much of the play is centered around his attempts to resolve his own doubts and take action about the fact that he believes his father was murdered.

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How does Hamlet know he is dying?

Hamlet tells Horatio that he is dying and exchanges a last forgiveness with Laertes, who dies after absolving Hamlet. The sound of marching echoes through the hall, and a shot rings out nearby. He says that he wishes Fortinbras to be made King of Denmark; then he dies.

Is Hamlet scared of death?

Of course Hamlet is afraid of death that is why he is incapable of doing anything. Sons were expected to help and look after their family as daughters were essentially prevented from doing so, he had a job to do and her wasn’t doing it.

Is Hamlet’s death inevitable?

Its sharp focus on death further serves to prepare the audience for the conclusion of the play. Up to this point, Hamlet has been an active agent in trying to fulfill his destiny as prescribed by his father’s ghost. The lesson of the graveyard is that death is inevitable, not contrived.

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Who shows fear in Hamlet?

Upon speaking to Polonius, Polonius picks up upon Hamlets ‘madness’, yet decides that this unnatural nature is because if Ophelia’s behavior toward Hamlet. Indication of Hamlets fear is presented when Polonius asks leave of the prince. Hamlet then states that Polonius can take anything from him, anything but his life.

Is Hamlet scared of Claudius?

Hamlet fears that if Claudius dies while praying, when his soul is at its most pure, he will go directly to heaven. Hamlet wants Claudius to go to hell for his sins, so he reasons he cannot risk killing him now.