What does a cracked molar feel like?

What does a cracked molar feel like?

Cracked teeth show a variety of symptoms, including erratic pain when chewing, possibly with the release of biting pressure, or pain when your tooth is exposed to temperature extremes. In many cases, the pain may come and go, and your dentist may have difficulty locating which tooth is causing the discomfort.

How long does it take for a second molar to heal after extraction?

As you can see, it will take roughly 1-2 weeks for your tooth extraction site to completely heal; however, if you notice any of the following symptoms or signs, be sure to contact our doctors as soon as possible: Fever. Intense pain in the jaw or gums. Numbness in the mouth.

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Can wisdom teeth cause other teeth to break?

Impacted wisdom teeth can cause several problems in the mouth: Damage to other teeth. If the wisdom tooth pushes against the second molar, it may damage the second molar or increase the risk of infection in that area.

What happens if your molar breaks?

If your molar breaks at your gum line, you’ll likely be able to feel the missing part of your tooth with your tongue. You may feel the jagged and sharp edge of the remaining fragment left in your gum. It will likely be clear that your tooth is broken with a visual inspection of your mouth.

How serious is a cracked molar?

If left untreated, a molar crack can lead to a serious infection, a deeper fracture, or damage to surrounding teeth and gums.

What can be done for a cracked molar?

What can be done for a cracked tooth?

  1. Bonding. Dental bonding is a common dental treatment used to repair a cracked tooth.
  2. Crowns. Dental crowns are used to repair major cracks in teeth.
  3. Root canals. Root canals are necessary when a crack in a tooth reaches the pulp inside of the tooth.
  4. Tooth extractions.
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Why did my wisdom tooth crack?

Wisdom teeth are more likely to crack if they haven’t erupted correctly. You may find it more difficult to chew with these teeth and since it’s harder to clean around a crooked or broken tooth, there is a greater risk of decay.

Why do molars crack?

Causes of a cracked tooth pressure from teeth grinding. fillings so large they weaken the integrity of the tooth. chewing or biting hard foods, such as ice, nuts, or hard candy. blows to the mouth, such as might happen with a car accident, sporting injury, fall, or even a fistfight.

Why do molars crack in half?

However, instances like chewing on ice or candy or biting down unexpectedly on something hard may also cause damage. In addition, accidental trauma like a fall, being unexpectedly hit in the face, sports injuries, or a car crash may also cause a tooth to break. Broken teeth also come in a wide range of variations.

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