What did Steph Curry do to his ankle?

What did Steph Curry do to his ankle?

Since the akward injury of 2010, Curry has been plagued by his right ankle. His 2011 season saw him struggling extensively with the ankle which eventually resulted in offseason surgery to reattach and strengthen torn ligaments. It was only the beginning of the continuous thorn in his side.

What does Curry have on his ankles?

Although it is his right ankle that has had the majority of problems, including two surgeries, he wears braces on both ankles. There are a multitude of ankle braces out there but Curry chooses to wear the Zamst A2-DX. He has been using this ankle brace since the 2012 – 2013 season.

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What kind of ankle surgery did Steph Curry have?

Curry eventually had to end his season and got a second ankle surgery in which they cleaned out some loose debris and scar tissue from the ankle. He was beginning to feel like he was continually in rehab and he was concerned his basketball career might be over.

Does Curry have weak ankles?

After being drafted in 2009, Curry sprained his ankle multiple times in the 2010-11 season, requiring surgery. He then re-injured the same right ankle in 2012, prompting a second surgery. Ultimately, the Warriors traded Monta Ellis for Andrew Bogut, putting their faith in Stephen Curry’s ankles.

How do NBA players recover from sprained ankles?

A simple ankle sprain is generally treated with ice, anti-inflammatory medicine and support for the ankle with a wrap, ankle brace or walking boot. Crutches may be needed to avoid putting any weight through on injured area.

When did Steph Curry hurt his ankle?

In the fourth quarter of the Warriors’ 108-101 loss to the Los Angeles Clippers at Chase Center on Wednesday night, Steph Curry exited the court with a slight limp after rolling his ankle while trying to get open on offense.

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Does Steph Curry tape his ankles?

Curry does not use an apparent brace for his ankle, suggesting either a low custom brace or the use of tape to brace the ankle. Curry’s chronic problems, ranging from recurrent sprains to two surgeries to correct ligament and tendon issues, make his ankles more of a challenge.

How long was Steph Curry out with ankle injury?

The lockout-shortened 2011-12 campaign didn’t go much better for the Warriors point guard or his surgically repaired wheel, as a sprain on Jan. 4, 2012 got things off to a bad start. He missed nearly two weeks with that injury, returning to play at less than 100 percent for most of February.

Who broke Steph Curry ankle?

Chris Paul
“He got me”: Chris Paul finally gives Steph Curry credit for breaking his ankles five years ago.

How long does an NBA sprained ankle take to heal?

Common symptoms include mild swelling and pain. Mostly, such injuries heal quickly – usually within 3 weeks. However, some cases may take up to 5 weeks to heal.

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How do pro athletes recover so quickly?

Granted, some professional athletes speed their return to competition by overusing painkillers, anti-inflammatories and other prescription drugs and by succumbing to pressure from teams to play through injuries, as The Washington Post reported in a series of stories last spring.

How many games has Steph Curry missed in his career due to injury?

29 that Curry’s hand is “healed and strong,” but the Warriors wanted to give him more practice and scrimmage time before real game action. Curry has missed 58 games with his injury.