What comic does Thor become unworthy?

What comic does Thor become unworthy?

Original Sin
Original Sin (2014) #1 Back in ORIGINAL SIN, everything changed for the Odinson when Nick Fury whispered something in his ear that made him unworthy of Mjolnir! What might have seemed like a small moment actually led to a total upheaval of the Odinson’s life—and the mysterious new Thor that took his place!

What are the requirements to be worthy of Mjolnir?

You need to be humble, brave, courageous, not be selfish and be ready to die for the right cause without hesitation! This can also explains why Thor wasn’t able to lift Mjolnir in Thor 1, he wasn’t humble and he was selfish too. But once he sacrifices himself to safe his friends and humans, he was deemed worthy!

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How did Thor regain his worthiness?

Through Loki’s deceit, Thor was stripped of the harness and hammer, rendering him powerless. Odin was eventually reborn, and thus Thor would regain his godhood. Odin then gave Thor a second version of Mjolnir that resembled the Earth-made axe-hammer.

Why was Thor unworthy in original sin?

HOW THOR BECAME UNWORTHY OF MJOLNIR. Thor would later reveal that Fury had simply told him that Gorr was right, with the revelation immediately causing Thor’s doubts and insecurities after fighting the God Butcher to overwhelm him and make him unworthy.

Was Thor unworthy in Avengers?

In Avengers: Endgame, Fat Thor proved that he believed he was unworthy when he returned to Asgard. Here’s why he really believed it thanks to Thanos. In Avengers: Endgame, when Thor goes back in time and meets his mother, Frigga, in Asgard, the God of Thunder believes himself to be unworthy.

Is Thor unworthy?

Thor has become unworthy of using the Mjolnir in both the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Marvel Comics, but for very different reasons. This is pretty much the same in the comics: only those worthy of it will be able to lift it, but the reason behind Thor’s unworthiness had nothing to do with arrogance.

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Why Thor cant lift Thor’s hammer?

Thor, being the God of Thunder, can summon his hammer as well as being the only guy to lift his hammer. The reason he cannot summon it after crashing on the field is because it needs to be energized by thunder to to do his bidding, without which it’s just a heavy hammer.

Is Nick Fury a Skrull?

In a post-credits scene, it’s revealed that the Nick Fury and Maria Hill we’ve been following in the film so far are actually Skrulls in disguise, a species of shape-changing aliens first introduced in Captain Marvel.