Should I prepare for UPSC or RBI Grade B officers?

Should I prepare for UPSC or RBI Grade B officers?

Conclusion: If you’re exceedingly well in Quantitative Aptitude and Logical Reasoning, then you should choose the RBI Grade B Exam. And subjects like history, geography, polity fascinates you, you should prepare for the UPSC CSE exam.

Do RBI Grade B officers prepare for UPSC Quora?

YES, there are some RBI officers who prepare for Civil Services. It’s indeed a personal choice. Recent trend is some people opt for RBI Grade B as the best backup option, and it’s surely is.

Is RBI officer a gazetted officer?

No it is not, because RBI is a separate institution not a department in the government. Gazetted officers are those whose names are mentioned in the Gazette of India, is published on the regular basis by the Directorate of Printing, Department of Publication.

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Do RBI officers have power?

Power (Authority) of RBI Grade B Officers: No doubt few powers are given to the officers based on the nature of their work. They do have some say in banking operations but everything depends on how they make use of it. Apart from this, they are considered just like any other employee of the government.

What questions did they ask during your interview at RBI Haryana?

Some questions about the industrial development in Haryana. RBI related: Absolutely nothing from economics. The entire interview related to questions on my educational and personal background. Hobby based: One question about my hobby.

What is the average score of a student in an RBI interview?

RBI is notorious for awarding very poor marks in interview. There were people with me in training who even got 0 (ZERO) out of 50. Scores of 5,6,7,8,9 10 are pretty common. Even people from the senior batches had same type of pathetic marks in interview.

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How many seats are reserved for grade ‘B’ officer?

Governor (total 4) please note: two seats are reserved for Grade “B” officers. The thing is about 90-95\% people are under grade ‘b’ DR ( direct recruit). —end of copy paste.— Thanks a lot Mr.Dagar, for sharing these details with the aspirants.

What is the interview process like for a Grade B in bank?

One interesting thing about the interviews for the grade ‘b’ is that it is one single panel which interviews every candidate. The panel goes from one center to another to carry this out and the people interviewing are 5 out of which one would definitely be a very senior functionary of a public sector bank (executive director or something).