On what basis do IIMs call?

On what basis do IIMs call?

Admissions to the IIMs are based in the Common Admission Test (CAT). CAT 2021 is going to be conducted on November 28, 2021. CAT scores are used by IIMs to shortlist candidates for the second round of admissions i.e. the WAT / PI stage. CAT scores are also given weightage in the final selection criteria of IIMs.

How many people get call from IIM?

IIMs call around 6,000 candidates.

Can I get a call from IIM at 99 percentile?

If your overall percentile is decent enough with 99 but there is a slip in sectional percentile, you will not get a call from any IIM despite scoring such a high percentile.

When can we expect calls from IIMs?

IIM Bangalore will release PI shortlist around 10-12 days after declaration of CAT exam result. Last year, IIMB shortlist was released in evening on January 17, 2021….Register now for latest MBA Exam & Admissions Updates.

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IIMs IIM Shortlist release expected date
IIM Sirmaur April 2nd week, 2022

Can I get into IIM Ahmedabad with low 12th marks?

Data suggests that if you’re a candidate with less than 80\% marks in 10th and/or 12th, and/or less than 60\% marks in graduation, chances of you making it to IIM Ahmedabad are significantly lower than the rest of the applicants.

Which IIM gives less weightage to CAT score?

Less Weightage to CAT Score Now IIM Lucknow, Calcutta, Ahmedabad have decided to give more weightage to Communication skills (verbal and written), academic profile, and work experience. They have reduced the weightage of CAT Score by 10 points.

Is it really tough to get into IIM Ahmedabad?

I am a second-year mechanical engineering student, scored 96.4\% in 10th and 75\% in 12th. It is quite tough to get into any of the three management institutes even with the percentage you have scored. You will need a 100 percentile at least, even if you want to get into IIM Bangalore or even Calcutta.

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What are the cut offs of IIMs for interview?

IIMs do not have fixed cut offs to call candidates for interview. IIMs usually have a cut off to filter out a majority of candidates (such as an overall percentile of 90 and a sectional percentile of 80). However, clearing these cutoffs does not guarantee a call from the IIMs.

What is the difference between IIM call cut off and cat cut off?

IIM Call cut off, on the other hand, is the actual minimum CAT percentile that a candidate must have to be shortlisted for the admission rounds at IIMs. IIM Call Cut Off is actually the percentile rank of the lowest position holder in the list of candidates selected for the admission process of an IIM.

How to check IIM call cutoff for MBA?

Candidates can check the cutoff of IIMs either from the official website of CAT or from the official website of the selected IIM. MBA aspirants must know that there is a difference between the IIM Call Cutoff and the IIM Shortlisting Cut Off.

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When do IIMs release their cutoff after the cat results?

All the IIMs release their cutoff after the release of CAT results and the management aspirants will have to satisfy the cutoff decided for the first round of the selection process to get a call from any IIM. CAT 2020 was conducted on November 29 and the CAT 2020 Results were released on January 2, 2021.