Is the Beyonder DC or Marvel?

Is the Beyonder DC or Marvel?


The Beyonder
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Secret Wars #1 (May 1984)
Created by Jim Shooter Mike Zeck
In-story information

Who is DC’s beyonder?

The Beyonder is a cosmic entity of immense power. The living embodiment of The Beyond Realm, a reality outside of the Marvel multiverse, he utilizes his powers over reality, space, and time to observe the never-ending battle between good and evil, serving as both an ally and enemy to Earth’s greatest heroes.

Is the presence stronger than the Living Tribunal?

The Presence is what its name implies: a presence. The closest thing we have to a physical embodiment of the Presence is The Spectre, The Living Tribunal is probably the more powerful character, as he is the second strongest entity in the Marvel universe, only answering to “The One Above All”.

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Who is more powerful than pre Retcon beyonder?

Originally Answered: Who is more powerful, pre-Retcon Beyonder or TOAA? TOAA is far, far stronger. Pre-Retcon Beyonder was supposed to be omnipotent, but he clearly showed limitations, thus making him nigh-omnipotent (but the strongest one there was). TOAA has never, ever showed any limitations.

How powerful is DC The presence?

The Presence is often alluded to having taken other forms as well and is heavily implied to be the power beyond the Source Wall. Literally capable of anything, The Presence is the strongest force in the DC Multiverse, however, he has opted to abandon his creation, charging his niece, Elaine Belloc, to oversee it.

How strong is the Beyonders?

Powers and Abilities In all of his versions, The Beyonder has the general ability to manipulate reality. The original Beyonder was considered to be the most powerful being in the multiverse, having power surpassing Cosmic Entities, such as the Living Tribunal and Eternity, only being surpassed by the One-Above-All.

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Who can beat The Beyonder?

Only Doom with Molecule Man’s powers was able to defeat them and absorb their power, thus becoming God Emperor Doom. There’s probably no more than 10 characters able to withstand a battle against a Beyonder, both in Marvel and DC.

Is the Beyonder the strongest being in the Marvel Universe?

The Beyonder and the One-Above-All are godlike beings in the Marvel Universe, but one is definitely a more supreme being. The Beyonder and the One-Above All both have a decent claim to being the strongest character in the Marvel Universe.

Who is stronger the one above all or the presence?

The One Above All(Marvel) is stronger than The Presence(D.C.). The thing which people don’t know about The Presence is that, he is not Omnipotent. Now, it is possible that, The Presence is either referring to the Writers of D.C. Comics or certain Emotions. But, “Omnipotent” literally means “All-Powerful”.

How does the one-above-all compare to the Beyonder?

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While the Beyonder and the One-Above-All are both immensely powerful reality-warpers of the highest order, the One-Above-All is an order of magnitude stronger than the Beyonder.

How did the Beyonder get his powers?

In Shooter and Al Milgrim’s 1985 follow-up Secret Wars II, he demonstrated his incredible powers by warping reality to meet his desire for perfection. The Beyonder has also survived big blows from powerful heroes like Molecule Man, and he’s absorbed whole universes in the process.