Is syllabus for CAT and GMAT same?

Is syllabus for CAT and GMAT same?

Note: The syllabus of CAT and GMAT are almost the same. However, the difficulty of the Quant section of GMAT is far lesser than that of the CAT exam. Similarly, in the Verbal Section, there are more types of questions in the GMAT. When it comes to the length of the exam, one definitely needs to be patient.

Are GMAT and CAT RC same?

CAT scores are valid for 1 year whereas GMAT scores are valid for five. More than 100 b-schools in India accept GMAT scores for admission into post graduate programs. GMAT Scores are also valid for top MIM (Master in Management) programs in Europe and other continents. CAT scores are not valid for the same.

Should I prepare for CAT or GMAT?

70\% less time is taken to prepare for GMAT – Time required to prepare for the GMAT is significantly lower than CAT. A typical student spends 10-12 months preparing for the CAT. 88 percentile is a good GMAT score – A 700+ score is considered a good GMAT score which is 88 percentile.

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Can I crack CAT with GMAT preparation?

So, if you are confused between the two and have an inclination towards studying abroad (and finance is not the concern) but want to try your hand at CAT too, you better start preparing with the GMAT first as it can be taken after 2-3 months of preparation and it will prepare your base for the CAT which needs a year of …

Does IIM accept GMAT score for Indian students?

IIMs accept GMAT scores for MBA admissions into their 1-year full-time MBA programs. However, for their 2-year PGP programs, Indian students are required to submit CAT scores.

Does IIMs accept GMAT?

Can I apply for both CAT and GMAT?

Both CAT and GMAT are considered to be tough nuts to crack. Every year over two lakh students in India take CAT exam….Exam Conducting Body.

Features GMAT CAT
Eligibility No minimum percentage required in bachelor’s degree Bachelor’s degree with minimum of 50\% marks
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