Is sheeple plural or singular?

Is sheeple plural or singular?

In actual usage sheeple is both plural and singular, just like sheep itself is.

What is the plural of sheeple?

The plural noun sheeple is what is technically referred to as a blend, a combination of the words sheep and people. You see it’s like a portmanteau – there are two meanings packed up into one word.

What type of word is sheeple?

If you’ve spent any time online, you know that “sheeple” is the word you use when you want to yell at an otherwise undefined group of people. It is the insult the blogging masses use to call someone a “dummy following a person or ideology without knowing why they’re following said person or ideology.”

Whats sheeple mean?

Definition of sheeple informal. : people who are docile, compliant, or easily influenced : people likened to sheep James Nichols, who ran the family farm here, stamped dollar bills with red ink in protest against currency and told his neighbors that they were “sheeple” for obeying authority like livestock.—

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How do you use the word sheeple?

It seems that sheeple have a suicidal tendency to roll over at the least sign of danger and surrender their liberties willingly. To the sheeple the world is just one huge unending pasture, where the grass varies from place to place.

What are some examples of sheeple?

Sheeple, a combination of the words sheep and people, is defined as people who follow a person or an idea blindly. An example of sheeple are the people who follow a cult leader. People who are meekly submissive or easily swayed.

Who invented sheeple?

Credit goes to 10-year-old Sasha Smith who coined the term: “why people become sheeple.” The identity shift effect of why people become sheeple is simply a synthesis of social psychologist Dr.

When did sheeple start?

Sheeple dates back to 1945, according to the dictionary entry, most likely as a derogatory term for helpless followers of consumer trends of the time. Nowadays, however, it’s more likely to poke fun at blind followers of the iPhone maker.

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What are examples of sheeple?

Who created the word simp?

The word ‘Simp’ was first coined in 1985, after US rapper Too Short used it in his 1985 hit ‘Pimpology”. The word at that time was to describe someone who is a stupid.

What is a Pogger?

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