Is sagoon Lite legit?

Is sagoon Lite legit?

Sagoon is a scam.

How can I invest in sagoon?

Everyone can invest online in Sagoon by completing a simple investment form. The US Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) now allows Regulation A (also called Reg A+ and Mini-IPO) offerings to raise funds from both non-accredited and accredited investors.

Is sagoon search engine?

Sagoon is an online search engine that uses its own custom-built technology to provide users with search results.

Is the stock market a safe investment?

No, the stock market isn’t safe. It isn’t safe for amateur investors. If you need access to your money at any point within the next one to three years, that money should not be anywhere near the stock market, and even expenses three to five years out should be carefully weighed before putting money into stocks.

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What is sagoon in Nepal?

Sagoon enables you to share secret messages, strengthen your relations with family & friends and express your emotional state clearly. Following the social path Connect. Share. Earn, it intends to transform negative experiences on social media into positive ones. GIVE IT A TRY.

What is sagoon Lite app?

Sagoon is a social and gifting app. You engage on the platform, earn smart coins, and shop or send gifts to friends and family. You can use Sagoon Lite to: Connect with your friends and family and send them gifts.

What is a mini IPO?

Regulation A+, sometimes called Reg A+, is frequently referred to as the “mini-IPO.” It is a scaled down version of a traditional IPO that subjects certain early-stage companies to less stringent requirements. The shares in a Regulation A+ offering are available for purchase by institutional and retail investors alike.

When was sagoon launched in Nepal?

A Nepali based in Washington DC, Giri launched the social media platform Sagoon in 2014 to try to transform the way young people around the world network on the web.

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How do you make money with sagoon Lite?

How can I earn?

  1. 1) Refer and earn- when a friend uses your referral code to sign-up in Sagoon, you will get 500 smart coins added in your social smart card.
  2. 2) Posting stories- when you post a story it reaches out to lots of users within Sagoon.

What is a Reg A+ IPO?

Regulation A+ can be thought of as an alternative to a small registered IPO and as either an alternative or a complement to other securities offering methods that are exempt from registration under the Securities Act of 1933.