Is polyamory morally wrong?

Is polyamory morally wrong?

One of the common arguments against polyamory is that it is immoral. While polyamory does not fit conventional morality any better than other forms of consensual non-monogamy, it does provide adults and children with clear ethical guidelines.

Why is polyamorous illegal?

Despite what another answer suggests, polyamory has nothing to do with trying to be legally married to more than one person at a time. That is polygamy or bigamy. Those are not legal in the US. Polyamory is about the potential to be in multiple ongoing loving relationships at the same time.

Can you lose custody of your child for being polyamorous?

So, living openly poly will not generally create any risk of losing your children. If, however, you ever get involved in a custody battle, being polyamorous may put you at a disadvantage. Being openly poly with children does not need to open you up to legal liabilities or create any risk of losing your children.

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Why are some people opposed to polyamory?

There are going to be many different reasons why some people are opposed to polyamory. Many of those reasons are going to be based on misunderstanding what polyamory is. They may believe: That polyamory is cheating on a spouse.

Does equality work in a polyamorous relationship?

But of course, if you have had any experience with polyamory, you’d know that equality doesn’t work in practice. In fact, sometimes in polyamorous setups you have what you’d call your primary, secondary and tertiary partners.

Will polyamory ever work long term?

And if it doesn’t benefit the next generation, then it would never work long term. Because life supports what supports more of life. So let me share with you the top 10 burning reasons why polyamory will never work long-term. Reason number 1: Resources are not infinite and neither is investment.

Why did Nancy and Darrell choose polyamory?

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While Nancy and Darrell consciously chose polyamory as an opportunity to grow together and to deepen their own bond while exploring committed sexual loving relationships with others, they didn’t immediately realize that polyamory would become a spiritual practice.