Is Muslim population increasing in West Bengal?

Is Muslim population increasing in West Bengal?

As for the BJP’s projection of 30\% Muslim share in population, data show that between 2001 and 2011, the Muslim population’s share in the state rose from 25.25\% to 27.01\%. Some research explains the increase as due to the higher growth rate among Muslims compared to Hindus.

What is the Muslim population of West Bengal in 2020?

The Muslim population of West Bengal is 24.6 Million is the second largest after Hindu religion of 64.3 Million.

Is Hindu population decreasing in West Bengal?

The Hindu population in Western part of Bengal i.e West Bengal during first census of 1951 was around 19,462,706 and in 2011 census it had increased to 64,385,546. But the percentage of Hindu population in the state decreased from 78.45\% in 1951 to 70.5\% in 2011 Census.

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Which caste is more in West Bengal?

The Rajbanshi and Namasudra having more than 32 lakhs population each constitute 35.8 per cent of the total SC population of the state. Bagdi, Pod, Bauri and Chamar each have more than 10 lakhs population. They along with Rajbanshi and Namasudra together constitute 73.9 per cent of the total SCs.

Are Garg Brahmin?

Garg is a brahmin community. Mainly found in state of rajasthan. they called garg brahmin. they claims their descendant from garg muni.

Who are Roy by caste?

Roy is not only an upper caste surname, in North Bengal a substantial section of the people who are scheduled castes have Roy as their surname.

What is the percentage of Islam in West Bengal?

Islam in West Bengal. According to the 2011 Census of India, the West Bengal state has over 24.6 million Muslims, who form 27.01\% of the state’s population.

Will there be a Hindu majority in West Bengal?

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That no could be a yes soon. According to Wikipedia, the current population of Hindus in West Bengal is 70.54\% mostly Bengalis, with some Marwaris, Biharis, and Odias. Bengali Hindus forming 59\% of the entire state population of West Bengal. Muslims at 27.01\% with at least 80\% of them being ethnic Bengali Muslims.

Is demography changing in West Bengal?

Demography change, like climate change, elicits opinions on both extremes – this phenomenon is perhaps nowhere more visible than for the province of West Bengal in India. On one-hand, the deniers refute any prospect of upheavals in the religious demography concerning the percentage of Hindus and Muslims.

What was the Muslim population in West Bengal before 1947 partition?

The Muslim population in West Bengal before 1947 partition was around 30\%. After partition of Bengal in 1947, some Muslims from West Bengal left for East Pakistan, (Present-Day- Bangladesh ).