Is modern history important for UPSC Prelims?

Is modern history important for UPSC Prelims?

Starting with Modern history, we are providing you with the important topics which are generally covered in the UPSC IAS Prelims exam. It will be helpful in your preparation and will help you to understand each topic much more clearly.

Is history of modern India good for UPSC?

From the UPSC exam perspective, I recommend UPSC aspirants to depend on Modern Indian History by Sonali Bansal and Snehil Tripathi for preparation. Even though a bit heavy, this book is highly reader-friendly and helps aspirants cover priority topics for Prelims and Mains in an orderly fashion.

Is Spectrum enough for prelims Quora?

No Spectrum is not sufficient for the preparation of UPSC. UPSC is very vast in itself. After you have gone through the basic textbooks such as NCERT and Yojana, you will not be able to understand the advanced study.

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How long does it take to complete spectrum modern history?

After completing the complete book in 35 days, multiple revisions of the same are very important. You should at least revise it 5-6 times before the exam. Multiple revisions with tests is the key.

Which is the best book for modern Indian history for UPSC CSE?

Except for Sumit Sarkar and BL Grover, all the three i.e. Spectrum, Bipin Chandra and Shekher Bandyopadhyay are highly preferable books for modern Indian History for Preparation of UPSC CSE. Very few aspirants refer to Sumit Sarkar and BL Grover while most of the students prefer Spectrum for Modern history.

Is the spectrum enough for the UPSC?

As it is the legacy of upsc to come out with a shock every year,one can not expect Spectrum to be enough for upsc.One should depend on spectrum for modern history but you must add value to your preparation by going through prevoius year papers and test series and research and compile those topics and fact which are not included in spectrum.

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Is this UPSC PDF of Rajiv Ahir spectrum important for UPSC?

This UPSC PDF of rajiv ahir spectrum pdf is important for UPSC civil services exam. In addition, this spectrum books pdf freeupscmaterials is prepared as per IAS civil services syllabus.

Why modern history is the most important subject in UPSC preparation?

Modern History is one of the most important subjects in your UPSC preparation. The reason is, every year a significant number of questions comes from this subject and many of them can be done correctly by putting little effort.