Is Messi the problem in Barcelona?

Is Messi the problem in Barcelona?

Barcelona stated that a new contract with Messi cannot be signed due to ‘financial and structural obstacles’. Lionel Messi will end his 20-year career with Barcelona after the Argentine superstar failed to reach agreement on a new deal with the club, the Spanish giants announced on Thursday.

Why Messi is fed up at Barcelona?

Lionel Messi says he’s fed up with being blamed for Barcelona’s problems after Antoine Griezmann’s former agent accused him of running a “regime of terror” at the club. Messi, 33, was met by a pack of journalists at El Prat airport in Barcelona on Wednesday upon his return from international duty with Argentina.

Why is Barcelona broke?

Barcelona has gone broke due to overspending on playing staff and extortionate wage commitments. Eventually, the wage bill spiralled out of control and Barcelona was paying out more than it earned in revenue. Joan Laporta, Barcelona’s president, explained in August 2021 that the club’s debt was €1.35bn.

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What is Messi’s annual salary?

41 million USD (2022)
Lionel Messi/Salary
Free-agent superstar Lionel Messi joined French side Paris Saint-Germain in the most high-profile player move of the summer in Europe. Reports state that Messi’s two-year contract with PSG gives him a $41 million annual net salary, including bonuses. The contract also contemplates an option for a third year.

Does Barcelona owe Liverpool?

CASH-STRAPPED Barcelona are still paying off Philippe Coutinho’s transfer fee to Liverpool and continue to owe clubs an eye-watering £98million, according to reports in Spain.

How much is Barca debt?

FC Barcelona is in $1.57 billion in debt, and is seeking to sell a $58.1 million stake in its media venture, Barca Studios. Team president John Laporta said the team can get its finances in order in 18 months.

How much is Barca in debt?