Is it okay for my cat to eat toilet paper?

Is it okay for my cat to eat toilet paper?

Many cats love to shred, nibble and eat paper. It is likely the smell or texture or the sound paper makes that appeal to their senses. Eating small bits of shredded paper occasionally does not pose any real harm to cats.

What does it mean when my cat eats toilet paper?

The medical term for this condition is pica. However, mixed breeds are not immune to pica. Cats with pica seem to possess a passionate zest for licking and sucking on wool, chewing wooden objects, licking or actually eating plastic, paper towels and toilet paper.

How do you treat pica in cats?

What You Can Do

  1. Remove targeted items . The easiest solution may be simply to hide the clothes, plants, or other items your cat loves to chew on.
  2. Give your cat something else to chew.
  3. Play with your cat.
  4. Make appealing items unappealing.
  5. Get rid of dangerous plants.
  6. Talk to an animal behaviorist.
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How do I know if my cat has pica?

What signs should I look for if my cat has a blockage? If you know your cat suffers from pica, it is important to be vigilant and monitor for signs of a blockage in the intestines. These signs are vomiting, diarrhoea, constipation (straining unproductively) and general listlessness.

How long can a cat live with an intestinal blockage?

A pet with an untreated case of complete obstruction will probably die within 3-4 days. In a partial obstruction the symptoms will be less severe and intermittent. The animal will lose weight, but as long as the animal keeps drinking it may live for 3-4 weeks.

What can I give my cat to chew on?

We asked the experts at Toy Pet Reviews for their input and they suggested the following 9 product picks if your cat likes to chew.

  • Happy Kitty Tickle Kick Stick.
  • Petstages Dental Health Cat Chews.
  • KONG Teddy Bear Catnip Toy for Kittens.
  • Petstages Catnip Rolls Cat Toy.
  • Petstages Fresh Breath Mint Stick.
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Does pica go away in cats?

The onset of pica can be as early as 3 months of age and some cats are able to grow out of it by 1-2 years of age.

Can pica in cats be cured?

Treatment of Pica in Cats Keeping household plants, blankets, clothing and electrical cords out of your cat’s reach will remove the temptation to eat them. Cat toys and safe plants like catnip can detour the feline’s behavior to a more appropriate chewing object.

How do I know if my cat has a stomach blockage?

Cats who are experiencing an intestinal obstruction generally will feel unwell and will display one or more of the following symptoms:

  1. Vomiting.
  2. Unwillingness to eat.
  3. Weakness.
  4. Lethargy.
  5. Diarrhea or constipation.
  6. Abdominal pain.
  7. Abdominal swelling.
  8. Weight Loss.

Is it OK for my Cat to eat toilet paper?

After shredding toilet paper, your cat may start to nibble upon it. In small quantities, this is perfectly safe. Many cats eat paper and cardboard. If your cat has this habit, toilet paper is the best material to consume. Toilet paper is soft enough to be largely soluble.

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Why is my cat peeing in the toilet?

If your cat has a health problem such as a urinary tract infection, her toilet habits may become haphazard. A cat with a UTI may need to urinate frequently and without the usual sense of anticipation. If she gets caught short while she’s on your bed or in your wardrobe, your bedding or clothes might be in for a soaking.

Why is my kitten eating the cat litter?

Most often when a cat begins to eat kitty litter it is due to a health condition. The cat’s instincts drive him or her to consume the litter in hopes of compensating for or correcting the condition. Most often, the consumption of kitty litter is a symptom of anemia.

Why does a cat tear up the toliet paper?

Shredding provides pleasure to cats for these reasons: Stimulating hunting instinct, mimicking tearing prey apart Fun crinkling noises Releasing tension, anxiety, or nervous energy Claiming new territory with its scent glands