Is IIT Bombay better than IITs?

Is IIT Bombay better than IITs?

In the latest edition of the QS Asia University Rankings, IIT Bombay is ranked 34th in the region, closely followed by IIT Delhi in 41st place, and in the QS BRICS University Rankings 2018 – a comparison of the top universities in the five fast-developing BRICS countries – they appear in ninth and 17th place …

Is IIT being hyped too much?

Yes there is a little over hype in India about IITs. But in, may be a decade or two, this will change as people get much aware of reality . You can even expect other institutes, and universities surpassing IITs in coming decades.

Is IISc Bangalore better than IIT Bombay?

IISc Bangalore provides a B.Sc degree in Science and Research, whereas IIT Bombay provides a B….Which is better, IISc or IIT Bombay?

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Particulars IIT Bombay IISc Bangalore
Median Salary Offered Rs.27.8 LPA (B.Tech) Rs.50.9 LPA (M.Tech) Rs.11.5 LPA (B.Sc) Rs.18.22 LPA (M.Tech)

Can an Iitian buy Audi?

It’s false. Sure, BMW, Mercedes and Audi vehicle tend to be expensive to service and maintain but that has absolutely nothing to do with their reliability or dependability.

Why are NITs not famous like IITs?

No one knows, and even the principal says dont worry, that is not important 🙂 Originally Answered: Why are NITs not famous like IITs? To give you a very accurate answer is- that they have been renamed ‘NIT’. They were famous as ‘REC’. We have to reiterate that thing to many people we come across.

Why are IITs so popular in India?

IITs are popular in India because it was one of the few institutes offering finest technical education in India after independence and when computers were becoming more popular and affordable, lot of IIT graduates got good jobs in India and abroad as well as with high pay packages,…

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How is the competition in IITs for extra-curriculars?

The Competition in IITs for Extra Curriculars is merely comparable to NITs. How amazing it is that IITs & NITs both conduct the Hostel Competitions every year under the categories of Sports & Many Other Extra Curriculars! It’s really a wonderful opportunity for skilled students to contribute in such activities & showcase their best talent.

Did turning a college into an IIT boost its reputation?

While we don’t have the data to make any judgements, the fact that it has exceeded its output of ten years in just the two year from 2012-2014 is weak evidence that there was a ‘reputation boost’ that came with being turned into an IIT. Older IITs are in green; the newer IITs, in orange.