Is fluent English necessary for IAS?

Is fluent English necessary for IAS?

English is not essential in UPSC preparation. You should be comfortable in writing in your mother tongue.

Where can I complain about an IAS officer?

In respect of IAS officers serving at the Centre, the complaint can be addressed to Secretary(P)/Additional Secretary(S86V) /Joint Secretary(V). fiermit action on such complaint with the approval of head of department.

Can IAS officers suspend anyone Quora?

Due to negligence , he can be suspended by his Appointing Authority which may be District Medical officer or Director or even higher officer up to Health Secretary/health Minister/ Chief Minister or of course Governer. Only Appointing Authority or superior officer of Appointing Authority can suspend a officer or staff.

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What is it like to be an IAS officer?

This civil service job gives one the power, fame, respect and everything that anyone would desire. To be an IAS Officer should be considered as an opportunity to serve the country people and beneficially contribute to society.

What are the principles of Justice as an IAS officer?

The general principle of justice requires acting in ways that treat people rightly and fairly. So, an IAS Officer should observe the principle of justice and act on the basis of fair decision in all situations and should play fair for issues of social justice.

What qualities should an IAS officer possess to honour public belief?

In this article, some of the vital qualities are discussed that an IAS officer should possess to honour public belief and not infringe: An IAS Officer should be patriotic then only he or she can serve the nation wholeheartedly. As an IAS Officer, one is also responsible in forming policies and implementing the same.

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What should be an IAS officer’s mantra?

Being a civil servant an IAS Officer’s mantra should be “Work is Worship” and should never forget that “the price of greatness is responsibility”- Winston Churchill. As an administrator, one should make sure the utmost standard of excellence in administrative work and action.