Is Class 11 Arts difficult?

Is Class 11 Arts difficult?

Arts is relatively simple and easy to understand. Unlike science and commerce, it does not always have any complicated formulas, theories or calculations.

Which stream is best for 11th CBSE class?

As opposed to science and commerce which offer a small window of choice (mainly in choosing the optional subject), humanities offers students plenty of choice in their subjects. You can choose from a range of main subjects including History, Political Science, Economics, Geography, Sociology and Psychology.

Is CBSE 11th Difficult?

Comparatively, class 11th is tougher than class 10th, as the entire outlook is changed. The level of difficulty also depends from student to student. Hi Rajdeep, There is no specific answer to this, but you won’t find it too difficult as most of the subjects are enhancements of what you studied in class 11th.

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Is Arts hard than science?

It does not make sense to compare art and science as they are too different. As a person whose work involves both art and science, I would say that they have their own difficulties and they are equally difficult (at least for me). Some scientists find science easy, others struggle at it.

Which stream is Humanities in Class 11 CBSE?

CBSE Class 11 Humanities (Arts): CBSE offers 3 Streams for students who are going to class 11th and class 12th. 3 Streams in Class 11 CBSE are Science, Commerce, Arts/Humanities. Choosing a stream after class 10 is a difficult and crucial stage in students life. Humanities is a part of society and culture.

Is class 11 hard in CBSE Class 11?

No, not at all. CBSE CLASS 11 is not at all hard. You can choose any stream of subjects of your choice depending on your interests and study. If you select subjects you like, then you will find it even easier.Hari om. Browse through the following link for further details regarding the selection of your subjects in class 11 :

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Which subjects are offered in Class 11 Humanities (Arts)?

CBSE Class 11 Humanities (Arts) Subjects that are offered in Class 11 Humanities are Economics, History, Psychology, Geography, Political Science, Sociology, Philosophy, etc., A clear and deep explanation of each subject is as discussed below.