How was Kabuto a spy for Sasori?

How was Kabuto a spy for Sasori?

The spy was revealed to be Kabuto Yakushi, but the technique binding him to Sasori had been dispelled long ago. Orochimaru appeared, and Kabuto attacked Yamato, destroying the disguise. Orochimaru then called out the rest of Yamato’s team, and taunted Naruto by speculating whom was now stronger: Naruto or Sasuke.

Who was the spy on Tenchi Bridge?

Sai then reveals to Sakura that he has no emotions, and little understanding of them, as a part of his training in ANBU Root. Yamato disguises himself as Sasori within Hiruko, and goes to meet “the spy” at the Tenchi Bridge. The spy is revealed to be Kabuto, who spills out the location of Orochimaru’s current hideout.

What was Sasori’s grudge against Orochimaru?

However, when Orochimaru left the Akatsuki, Sasori bore a grudge on his former partner’s desertion to the point of having Kabuto Yakushi, who he thought was working for him, to spy on Orochimaru. Soon after, prior to being partnered with Orochimaru, he became partners with Deidara.

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How does Yamato escape from Kabuto?

Yamato and his team confront Orochimaru and Kabuto. Faced with a combined attack from Kabuto and Orochimaru, Yamato created a wood clone to escape, causing Orochimaru to realise that one of his test subjects had survived.

How did Kabuto know it wasnt Sasori?

When Yamato disguised himself as Sasori and shortly after was attacked by Kabuto it took the both of them by surprised. Kabuto wasn’t aware that Yamato had disguised himself as Sasori and the reason why he attacked him is because he originally wanted to kill Sasori.

Was Kabuto a spy for Jiraiya?

15 Kabuto Was A Spy For Jiraiya It wasn’t until the final story arc that we learned the truth of Kabuto’s origins and the fact that he was always Orochimaru’s man. Jiraiya seems to be the most knowledgeable person on the inner-workings of Akatsuki, as well as Orochimaru’s upcoming plans.