How much does it cost to start a importation business in Nigeria?

How much does it cost to start a importation business in Nigeria?

Hence, a mini-importation business is for people with low capital and people who have a huge capital to invest in. You can decide to start with as low as N20,000 or as high as N10million.

How do I start a mini importation business in Nigeria?

How to Start a Mini Importation Business in Nigeria

  1. Select a Niche for Products. This is a crucial part of the business.
  2. Source for Products. After you must have selected a niche of the products, you’ll be interested in selling, you must find a supplier who will supply your goods.
  3. Buy from Supplier.
  4. Pay for the Products.

What can I import from China to sell in Nigeria?

Now let’s take a look at some of the hottest products you can import from China and sell in Nigeria.

  1. Furniture. China made furniture are very good and better finished that the local ones.
  2. Children’s Toys.
  3. Sealing Machines.
  4. Fashion Items.
  5. Electronic Gadgets.
  6. Fancy Ceiling Pendants.
  7. Household Utensils.
  8. Building Materials.
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How do I become an importer in Nigeria?

For importing to Nigeria, you must do the following, a) Should register the company name in Nigeria or hence have a certificate of Incorporation. b) Register the company with the Federal Inland Revenue Services (FIRS) and get Tax Identification Number (TIN Number) upon the proof of tax payments.

Is Mini importation profitable?

Yes, the mini importation business is very much profitable in Nigeria. You can start with as low as 50k, but always have it in mind to go for goods in high demand, this way, you’ll definitely sell faster and make a huge profit. Most importantly, buy from a reliable source to avoid being scammed online.

Is Mini importation business lucrative?

Mini importation business is one of the most profitable businesses in Nigeria today. A lot of people have discovered how lucrative this business of importation can be and have swung into action long before now. Interestingly, you can start your importation business with as low as #30,000 or less.

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What products are in high demand in Nigeria?

Top 15 High Demand And Fast Selling Products in 2020

  • Electronic Goods.
  • Fashion Items.
  • Cosmetic Product.
  • Health And Wellness Products.
  • Hair Wig And Extensions.
  • Baby Accessories.
  • Food And Groceries.
  • Phones And Accessories.

Is importation business lucrative in Nigeria?