How much does a GE CF6 engine cost?

How much does a GE CF6 engine cost?

GE CF6-80C2 Engine Order From Continental Valued at $160 Million | GE Aviation.

What planes use CF6 engines?

General Electric CF6

National origin United States
Manufacturer GE Aviation
First run 1971
Major applications Airbus A300 Airbus A310 Airbus A330 Boeing 747 Boeing 767 Lockheed C-5M Super Galaxy McDonnell Douglas DC-10 McDonnell Douglas MD-11

How much does a CF6 80 weigh?

Fan 1 stage LPC 4 stages HPC 14 stages Combustor Annular combustion chamber HPT 2 stages LPT 5 stages Fan diameter (inches) 114 Length (inches) 168 Dry weight (lb) 11,225 Page 3 62 Airline Economics July/August 2013 CF6 influence of corrosive elements from the operational environment, the …

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What does CF6 stand for?


Acronym Definition
CF6 Coupling Factor 6

How much is a 747 engine worth?

Aircraft Pricing

Aircraft model Engine New Price
Boeing 737-900ER Pratt & Whitney, GE $94.6M
Boeing 747-400 Pratt & Whitney, GE, ROLLS-ROYCE $240M
Boeing 747-400F Pratt & Whitney, GE, ROLLS-ROYCE $270M
Boeing 747-8i GE $379.1M

What is a Boeing 747 made of?

The modern Boeing 747 is an aluminum airplane as well. Other metals, such as steel and titanium, are sometimes used to build aircraft. Steel is heavy though, so not too much is used. Titanium is almost as strong as steel, has a medium weight, is heat resistant, and is corrosion resistant.

What type of engine does a Boeing 747 have?

General Electric CF6
Rolls-Royce RB211Pratt & Whitney PW4000
Boeing 747-400/Engine types

The 747 is a quadjet, initially powered by JT9D turbofan engines, then GE CF6 and Rolls-Royce RB211 engines for the original variants. With a ten-abreast economy seating, it typically accommodates 366 passengers in three travel classes.

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How much does a Boeing 747 engine cost?

Who makes CF6 engine?

In the meantime, MTU manufactures parts for the entire CF6 family (CF6-6, CF6-80A, -80C, -80E). The CF6 is a two-shaft turbofan which powers medium- to long-haul Airbus and Boeing wide-body aircraft. For the CF6 MTU Aero Engines produces turbine and compressor parts.

How much does a 747 pilot make a year?

How much does a Boeing 747 Pilot make? The national average salary for a Boeing 747 Pilot is $85,103 in United States.

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