How many squares should I learn for CAT?

How many squares should I learn for CAT?

Learn: Squares at least till 40. Cubes at least till 30.

How can I top in CAT exam?

CAT 2021 Preparation Through Self-Study

  1. Join online study groups on Facebook, YouTube, Quora, Telegram, etc.
  2. Download MBA entrance exam preparation apps.
  3. Buy best books for CAT preparation.
  4. Obtain online study material like CAT mock test series by MBA coaching institutes.
  5. Make a month-wise CAT preparation plan.

What should I study for CAT exam?

Take as many CAT Mocks during your preparation online and do the analysis of each Mock. Without analysis of Mock, attempting a mock test may not be useful. If you are weak in VARC, reading different articles and novels, conversing in English with friends and even watching English TV series and movies will be helpful.

How can I memorize something quickly?

How to Memorize More and Faster Than Other People

  1. Prepare.
  2. Record What You’re Memorizing.
  3. Write Everything Down.
  4. Section Your Notes.
  5. Use the Memory Palace Technique.
  6. Apply Repetition to Cumulative Memorization.
  7. Teach It to Someone.
  8. Listen to the Recordings Continuously.
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How do you get 100\% on CAT?

Major Preparation Tips to Get 100 Percentile

  1. Understand the Basics First.
  2. Never Miss Out Mocks.
  3. Keep an Eye on Net Correct Attempt.
  4. Know the CAT Normalization Process and Answer Respectively.
  5. Understand the Denotation of Time Management.

Should I attempt all questions in CAT?

Experts suggest, that there is no need to attempt all 76 questions in the CAT question paper. The CAT paper pattern is never the same. CAT witnesses changes in the pattern every year, it may be distribution of questions among the sections/within them, or change in the number of MCQs and TITA type of question.