How many likes is good for a LinkedIn post?

How many likes is good for a LinkedIn post?

– For the follower-based measurement method, a 2\% LinkedIn engagement rate that’s is considered good, and anything above 2\% is great. If your posts continuously have a lower than 2\% engagement rate, chances are your follower base is not particularly active and your followers aren’t engaged with your content.

How many likes is viral on LinkedIn?

So for the purpose of this article alone, I am classing ‘Viral’ as a post that has hit 100k views or more with an engagement value of above 100 (total of likes, comments, views and reshares) and followers less than 10,000.

What is the average engagement rate on LinkedIn posts?

The average engagement rate per post on LinkedIn in 2021 is 0.35\%. 2. You can get higher engagement values by using more images for small and large accounts, but for middle sized accounts videos perform better.

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What is a good click through rate for LinkedIn posts?

Not all clicks on Linkedin ads are chargeable. So the average CTR in Linkedin only takes chargeable clicks into account. The global average CTR for sponsored content is between 0.44\% – 0.65\%.

What is considered an interesting view on LinkedIn?

“Interesting View” is a category of profile views that Linkedin’s algorithm assumes you’d be most interested in talking to. Remember, it’s not about how many connections you have – it’s about connecting with the right people and taking appropriate action.

What’s the best time to post on LinkedIn?

The best time to post on LinkedIn is 9:00 AM on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Hootsuite’s social team found similar results when they looked at their posting data. The best time for them to post on LinkedIn is weekdays between 8-11 AM PST.

Can you post too much on LinkedIn?

Posting more than 20 times per month isn’t going to help you, and posting way too much will hurt your distribution. Unless you are a proper celebrity or have a high-level of engagement with each and every post, don’t annoy people with too many posts.

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What content gets the most engagement on LinkedIn?

7 Simple Ways to Boost Your LinkedIn Engagement and See Results

  1. Schedule regular updates.
  2. Showcase your work.
  3. Use keywords in profile and descriptions.
  4. Update your professional-looking headshot.
  5. Ask for recommendations.
  6. Recognize good work.
  7. Post regularly.

What is the average number of likes on a LinkedIn post?

On an average each LinkedIn user has 393 connections and so if you are getting 5 likes from every user then it will lead forward between ~2000 (393*5) people. It is likely that people clicks on the post that has bunch of comment and more than 100 likes rather than post with 1 like and 1 comment.

Are article views more important than posts on LinkedIn?

However, because articles are weightier than posts, even a small number of article views can help build your authority and earn new leads into your business. So, don’t discount articles just because they rack up fewer views than posts. To date, I’ve published 36 articles on LinkedIn, with an average view count of 237.

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What is a good number of views for a LinkedIn video?

Some LinkedIn trainers say that a video view is worth the equivalent of between 3× and 5× of a post view. In other words, a video receiving 3K views might be comparable with a normal post that receives 10K+ views. In my experience, anything over 1K is good for video views. Go beyond 5K and you’re really doing well.

How do I view analytics for my LinkedIn posts and articles?

You can view analytics for your posts, shared posts, and published articles to gain insights on the impact of your content within your LinkedIn network. Learn more about content analytics and the differences between post and article views. To locate post or article analytics: Click the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.