How do you use colloidal silver for throat infection?

How do you use colloidal silver for throat infection?

When we start to feel that itch, tickle, or that pesky numbing pain in the back of our throats, we immediately spray this and use it a couple times a day until it goes away. If you already have a sore throat, gargle with some of the silver about 3 times per day for it to dissipate.

Is colloidal silver good for sinus infection?

Clinical studies have shown that enhanced colloidal silver can terminate simple sinus infections in a week or less, which is far better than sinus surgery or antibiotics. What’s more, it can be sprayed directly into the sinuses so it doesn’t have to be taken systemically.

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Does silver fight infection?

The bactericidal activity of silver is well documented. Its benefit in reducing or preventing infection can be seen in several applications, including as a topical treatment for burns and chronic wounds and as a coating for both temporary and permanent medical devices.

How much colloidal silver can you take a day?

Although colloidal silver is completely non-toxic and can be taken safely in any quantity, the recommended dosage for daily use is one tsp/day.

Can I swallow colloidal silver?

As a compound, the silver found in the environment is thought to be quite safe. However, the environmental and health risks of silver nanoparticles are not well understood, and ingesting colloidal silver is considered unsafe. The biggest risk associated with chronic exposure to colloidal silver is argyria.

Can you put colloidal silver in hot tea?

No, don’t add the silver to any drinks because the bio-active form of silver, ionic silver, will likely react with something in the drink and lose it’s potency.

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How do you take colloidal silver for a cough?

A daily colloidal silver supplement can drastically decrease the severity of a cold and also speed up the healing process. It’s recommended adults get 1-3 teaspoons of colloidal silver daily to ward off infection.

What should I drink for a sinus infection?

Drinking plenty of clear fluids will help people stay hydrated and can also help loosen mucus and clear congestion. Good choices for fluids to drink when a person has a sinus infection include: plain water. hot water with lemon, honey, or ginger.

Can you put colloidal silver in your eye?

Colloidal silver has been proven to be very powerful in any kind of infection, whether its eye infection or ear infection. If you are experiencing eye redness then you can put 2-3 drop of Colloidal silver in your eye to reduce any infection and inflammation.

Does colloidal silver help dry eyes?

Colloidal Silver can help with Itchy/Dry Eyes. It is ingested or applied topically to fight infections and reduce inflammation.

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Can I drink colloidal silver?

When taken by mouth: Colloidal silver is likely unsafe. The silver in colloidal silver gets deposited into the skin and various organs. This can lead to a permanent bluish color that first appears in the gums.

What does colloidal silver do for the body?

Your body doesn’t need silver. It isn’t an essential mineral. But many companies market colloidal silver supplements as cure-all products. They claim it can boost your immune system, ease chest congestion, and treat or prevent viral infections like the common cold or COVID-19.