How do I talk to my child about stranger danger?

How do I talk to my child about stranger danger?

How to talk with your child about strangers

  1. Start with basic body safety.
  2. Discuss the concept of strangers.
  3. Point out adults that kids can trust.
  4. Go over do’s and don’ts.
  5. Establish Internet do’s and don’ts.
  6. Establish guidelines for using public bathrooms.
  7. Prep older children for being home alone.

What should you do if a stranger tries to talk to you?

10 Simple Ways To Talk With a Stranger Comfortably

  1. Go out alone.
  2. Be prepared to initialize contact.
  3. Don’t talk about the weather.
  4. Encourage people to talk about themselves.
  5. But still share information about yourself.
  6. Find and discuss common interests.
  7. Be friendly, not pushy or aggressive.

When should you talk to kids about strangers?

While you can begin to teach your child about basic safety, she’s not ready for conversations about how to deal with strangers. By the age of four, many children have heard about strangers and this is a good time to start teaching your little one how to stay safe.

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How do you talk to a 4 year old about stranger danger?

How should I begin talking with my preschooler about strangers?

  1. Start with basic safety.
  2. Teach her about body safety.
  3. Introduce the concept of strangers.
  4. Go over dos and don’ts.
  5. Point out adults she can trust.
  6. Avoid scary statements.
  7. Repeat the message.
  8. “Is Jack’s mum a stranger?”

How do you stop strangers from approaching you?

Sometimes, you simply don’t want to be bothered with small talk. You might be extremely socially awkward and nervous about talking to strangers….persistent, let’s say, here are a few techniques you can try.

  1. 1 Look Busy.
  2. 2 Keep Your Head down.
  3. 3 No Eye Contact.
  4. 4 Find the Perfect Position for Solitude.
  5. 5 Death Stare.